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Weak Demand in Treasury Bond Auctions? Has The U.S. Put Too Much Trust At Risk?

May 8, 2009

America’s economic recovery now depends upon debt.  Debt we “sell” to people like China in the form of Treasury bonds.

The entire Obama budget is based upon debt.  He swears he is for tax breaks but tax increases have got to be in the near future.

And the top earners like Donald Trump are already making noise about moving elsewhere — just as Brit tycoons are fleeing tax rates approaching 60%.

China holds more U.S. debt that anyone else.  But China may not continue to buy.

And Obama is chasing busnesses away: by offering to tax offshore earnings and other now untaxed assets.

And by generally making business and Wall Street the enemy, in talk and in actions.

Even as we the U.S. Taxpatyers are paying billions to bail out GM, with the help of Obama and geithernew, GM is making plans to move a lot of its future auto production to China.

China’s recovery is coming along, fine, thank you; and there may be no need to take on more debt for the U.S.

China already makes much of what sells in the U.S. — and for right now, Americans aren’t buying.  So China’s factories shut down.  Now China is doing something new: encouraging the Chinese to become consumers.

This will be a long and slow process but the Chinese government is determined.

Michelle Malkin:

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Gingrich on Specter’s Party Switch

April 29, 2009

Arlen Specter’s decision to leave the Republican Party in name as he left it in spirit over the stimulus vote is further proof that high taxes, big spending and big government are unacceptable to Republican voters.

This switch is a function of personal survival and will make clearer the profound difference between the Democratic Party of big government, big bureaucracy, high taxes and big unions and the Republican Party of lower taxes, less bureaucracy and small business, with its emphasis on the work ethic, civil society and local control back home.

When congressional Republicans forgot that their party was the party of taxpayers and government reformers, they lost control in 2006. When they accepted the Bush big-spending plans of 2008, they further lost ground.

When Sen. Specter voted for a $787 billion big-spending bill no elected official had even read, he widened the gap between himself and the tax-paying small-government conservatives who are the base of the Republican Party.

It is clear that Specter concluded he would lose the coming Republican primary, and he admits in his statement on switching parties that the vote for the $787 billion spending bill was the final straw.

This defection will make the 2010 and 2012 elections an even clearer choice of two directions for America.

From The Washington Post
(See additional comments from Olympia Snowe, William Cohen and others)

Swine Flu Could Have Started In US, Says Mexican Health Secretary

April 28, 2009

Here’s the next White House foul up of a photo op already developing.  I can see it now: “We are so sorry that America caused the swine flu to kill so many Mexicans.  If I could speak mexican myself I’d really show you how sorry we are as a nation.”

The announcement will be made on May 5.


As more swine flu cases are reported, Mexico is fighting the claim that the disease started within its borders. The push back is becoming increasingly difficult, especially now that reports are surfacing that the possible source could be a Mexican four-year old named Edgar Hernandez Hernandez.

Mexico’s Health Secretary said it was “risky” to blame Mexico for the outbreak:

Mexico, where the number of deaths believed caused by swine flu rose by 50 percent on Monday to 152, is suspected to be the center of the outbreak. But Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova late Monday said no one knows where the outbreak began, and implied it may have started in the U.S.

“I think it is very risky to say, or want to say, what the point of origin or dissemination of it is, given that there had already been cases reported in southern California and Texas,” Cordova told a press conference.

Who Gets Most Obama Stimulus Money Per Person? American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, North Dakota, Wyoming….

April 24, 2009

President Obama’s stimulus bill was supposed to spend money to create jobs, but four of the top 10 recipients of per capita grant aid to date have the lowest unemployment rates in the country and nearly all are below the national average.

And some of the places receiving the most money per capita are U.S. territories whose residents don’t pay federal income taxes: American Samoas $759 per resident is more than any other U.S. state or territory. The U.S. Virgin Islands is third on the list and Puerto Rico is fifth at $529, or 30 percent more than the $407 per capita received by Michigan, the state with the highest unemployment in the nation.

By Stephen Dinan

Meanwhile, North Dakota, with the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 4.2 percent, compared with the nations 8.5 rate, and Wyoming, with the second-lowest unemployment, each have received $498 per resident in grant aid from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, according to an analysis by The Washington Times.

The recovery act was signed into law two months ago and the numbers are an early snapshot of who is benefiting the most. The grant figures come from, the government’s official Web site set up to track recovery spending. The population figures are from 2008, and the unemployment data are from the Labor Department’s April report, covering through March 2009.

Read the rest from the Washington Times:

Obama’s Terror Document Release: Ill Conceived Gaffe, Well Thought Out Mistake, or Calculated Attack on Bush White House?

April 23, 2009

President Obama created the hottest firestorm of his young presidency this week by (a) releasing the so called torture memos, (b) going to CIA to reinforce the morale of agency employees and (c) “leaving the door open” to further inquiry and maybe even prosecution.

Much of this unfolded on cable TV with the president revealing, less than 24 hours after going to the CIA headquaters and in front of Jordan’s King Hussein, that he was “leaving the door open.”

It looked like a gaffe to me, since Rahm Emanuel had asserted on Sunday that no such thing would occur and because Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, seemed almost at a loss for words at the afternoon briefing.  “I’d point you to what the president said…. Nobody in the country is above the rule of law…. The president’s position is to look forward… if some want to look back, as long as it doesn’t overpoliticize or hamper the functions of their jobs….”

But maybe I am too trusting.

Maybe this was just a ticking time bomb that had to eventually explode: a hate-filled chase after Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and today we get Condoleezza Rice into the net.


Or we could take the president at his word: he wants to restore the “moral compass.”

But that can’t be it, from a president that went to Jeremiah “God Damn America!” Wright’s church for years and then didn’t go to church at all from Christmas until Easter.

Could it?

“What did the president think and when did he think it?”

 So we are a bit perplexed by all of this and it seems it will make the left even more angry and the right even more anti-Obama, if that is possible.

But getting the toothpaste back into the tube is what’s needed now and that won’t be easy.

And we’ll never, as a nation, agree if this is about interrogations or torture.

After all, we live in an America that has a large population that thinks what the chickens go through before they get to KFC is torture….


By Ed Rollins

Like so many politicians I have known, the man we elected president wants to be loved. He wants to be loved passionately and daily by the 69 million who voted for him and even some of the 60 million who voted for John McCain.

He wants to be loved by the Democrats on the Hill and even the Republicans who have still not given him any love.

He wants to be loved by the Europeans who have made a career out of badmouthing U.S. presidents and their policies.

The real example of searching for love in all the wrong places was last week’s lovefest south of the border when, in effect, he appeared to be hugging Castro, Ortega and Chavez who have spent their lives fighting everything the United States stands for.

The problem, President Obama will find out as time goes on, is that he is not a rock star or a celebrity. He is certainly famous, and for the foreseeable future everyone will want to see him, touch him and hear him. But the job of president is about making choices. And right now he has the toughest job in the world at one of the toughest times in U.S. history. Every time he makes a choice, he will make the losing side mad.

This last week was the best example. The president decided, as he promised in the campaign, that he would ban torture — a decision I agree with but many don’t. Then he decided to release four Bush-era Justice Department memos that gave legal guidelines to the executive branch on “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Many wanted these documents released, and the president, after a month-long internal debate, gave them up. At the same time he said he had no intention of prosecuting the drafters of those memos or anyone else in a federal agency, mainly the CIA, who followed those guidelines.

The Right went nuts over the release of the documents. The CIA felt betrayed. The Left went nuts over the contents of the memos and pressed to have the authors — high Justice Department officials in the Bush administration — prosecuted, investigated and maybe even tortured! The president went to the CIA and gave them a cheerleading speech.

The next day he reversed himself and said it’s up to Attorney General Eric Holder and the Congress to determine if any laws were violated by the former officials.

He waffled big time. Now all sides are mad at him and he looks weak. Weakness is the death knell for a president. With 1,366 days to go before this term is up, Obama’s got to get tougher or he will be viewed as a personality who reads well from a teleprompter.

The president obviously knows the war on terror is not over. I imagine every morning when he gets the National Security briefing from the Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, he takes a deep breath because he knows the world is not a very safe place.

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