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Your Tax Dollars At Work: Understanding Sex Workers, Drugs, Disease in Thailand

May 21, 2009

The federal government is spending $178,000 to better understand why drug-abusing prostitutes in Thailand are at greater risk for HIV infection, an endeavor taxpayer watchdogs are calling a huge waste of American taxpayers’ money.

The National Institutes of Health study, “Substance Use and HIV Risk among Thai Women,” is looking at the interplay of personal and cultural factors that put Thai prostitutes at special risk. 

But women aren’t its only target. The two-year project, made possible by a grant from the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, is also studying kathoey, the transgender prostitutes who are widely accepted in Thailand because of the “karmic idea in Buddhism,” and who have especially high HIV infection rates, according to the study’s abstract.

From Fox News
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Your Tax Dollars Helping Teach Chinese Prostitutes To Slow Alcohol Abuse (Stimulus? No Kidding)

May 12, 2009

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will pay $2.6 million in U.S. tax dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job.

Dr. Xiaoming Li, the researcher conducting the program, is director of the Prevention Research Center at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit.
The grant, made last November, refers to prostitutes as “female sex workers”–or FSW–and their handlers as “gatekeepers.” 

“Previous studies in Asia and Africa and our own data from FSWs [female sex workers] in China suggest that the social norms and institutional policy within commercial sex venues as well as agents overseeing the FSWs (i.e., the ‘gatekeepers’, defined as persons who manage the establishments and/or sex workers) are potentially of great importance in influencing alcohol use and sexual behavior among establishment-based FSWs,” says the NIH grant abstract submitted by Dr. Li.

“Therefore, in this application, we propose to develop, implement, and evaluate a venue-based alcohol use and HIV risk reduction intervention focusing on both environmental and individual factors among venue-based FSWs in China,” says the abstract.

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Discussion of Abortion Heats Up

April 14, 2009

The invitation by the University of Notre Dame to President Barack Obama to speak and receive an hionorary degree sparked discussion.  The Obama nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to head the Department of Heath and Human Services and her ties to “Doctor” George Tiller fueled the fire.

Columnist Ann Coulter has called “Doctor” George Tiller “Hitlerian” for his baby killing in late term abortions.  George Tiller is also a donor to Kansas Governor and Obama nominee to head the Department of Heath and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.  But Kathleen Sebelius cannot recall much of her association with the baby killer and has had to ammend her finanial statement to the U.S. Senate twice as a result.

President Barack Obama’s health secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius got nearly three times as much political money from a controversial abortion doctor as she told senators.

The president opened up the flow of money for abortions to overseas U.S. clinics soon after he became president, which riled conservatives and some religious leaders. 

And health care professionals who morally object to abortion say they will not perform these proceedures despite U.S. law: they’d rather leave the medical field.

A group of physicians, nurses and pharmacists that oppose a move by Obama to remove a federal regulation intended to protect health care providers from discrimination when they decline to participate in courses of treatment that offend their morality, including end-of-life issues, birth control and abortion say they might quit medicine rather than comply with the Obama law.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on the balcony of the White ... 
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on the balcony of the White House before the start of the 2009 Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn in Washington, April 13, 2009.….Reuters

And the Pope in the Vatican has condemned the Obama thought on abortion; stating again that abortion is a crime against human beings.


Notre Dame President Explains Obama Invite

The University of Notre Dame’s selection of President Barack Obama as its commencement speaker follows the “letter and spirit” of a statement passed by U.S. bishops in 2004 and cited frequently by critics as a reason Obama should not have been invited, the school’s president says.

In a letter to trustees, the Rev. John Jenkins said university officials believe the statement, known as “Catholics in Political Life,” refers specifically to honoring Catholics whose actions are not in accord with the church’s moral principles. Obama is Protestant.

Photo of Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C.
Fr. Jenkins

“This interpretation was supported by canon lawyers we consulted, who advised us that, by definition, only Catholics who implicitly recognize the authority of Church teaching can act in ‘defiance’ of it,” Jenkins wrote in the letter last week. “Moreover, fellow university presidents have told me that their bishops have told them that in fact it is only Catholic politicians who are referred to in this document.”

From the South bend Tribune
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Archbishop “Appalled” By Obama Invitation; Position on Abortion at Issue

Indianapolis Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein has added his voice to “the chorus of faithful Catholics” objecting to the University of Notre Dame’s decision to make President Barack Obama the featured speaker at the school’s May 17 commencement.

In a letter to Notre Dame President the Rev. John I. Jenkins, Buechlein said he was “appalled and embarrassed” by the invitation, given that Obama’s views and actions on abortion and embryonic stem cell research are “blatantly opposed to the Catholic Church’s doctrine.”

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The University of Notre Dame says its invitation doesn't mean the university agrees with all of Obama's positions.

The University of Notre Dame says its invitation doesn’t mean the university agrees with all of Obama’s positions.

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Docs, Nurses Object to Abortion


From Politico
The first hint of a stir came just after Election Day, when the computer servers at Americans United for Life crashed. People were swamping the Web site to sign a petition urging President-elect Barack Obama to stand firm against abortion.

“I got a call from one of our guys, ‘We have a problem,’ ” said Charmaine Yoest, the group’s president and chief executive officer. “And I was like, ‘The problem would be what?’”

Obama’s first 84 days in office have been like an extended recruiting drive for the anti-abortion movement, reinvigorating a constituency he sought to neutralize during the campaign. Activists report a noticeable spike in activity as Obama moves to defend and expand a woman’s right to choose an abortion – causing anti-abortion voters to mobilize in ways never needed during the Bush administration. So far this year:

— The Susan B. Anthony List says its supporters sent more anti-abortion-related letters, e-mails and faxes to Obama and lawmakers in the first quarter alone than during each of the last two years.

— The American Life League reported a 30 percent uptick in donations over last year.

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey Jr., an anti-abortion Democrat who campaigned vigorously for Obama, has received more mail on abortion than on any other issue in 2009, spokesman Larry Smar said.

Activists have sent more than 100,000 postcards urging Casey to oppose the Freedom of Choice Act, which would guarantee the right to abortion in federal law. Obama told the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in July 2007 that “the first thing I’d do as president” is sign the act. “It’s been our biggest organized mailing,” Smar said.

— More than 261,000 people have signed an online petition calling on Notre Dame to withdraw its invitation for Obama to speak at the Catholic university’s May 17 commencement. The petition says Obama has carried out “some of the most anti-life actions of any American president,” including expanding taxpayer-funded research on embryonic stem cells.

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Abortion Pride
By Marcy Bloom

There is no shortage of venues for women to be able to speak out about the positive impact of their abortion experiences. At Aradia Women’s Health Center, the clinic where I worked for more than 18 years, we had journals for clients and their loved ones to share their feelings about their abortions, as well as public events emphasizing the need to destigmatize abortion and to honor and support women’s decision-making, pregnancy choices, and women as the gatekeepers of life. Many other clinics associated with the Abortion Care Network and the National Abortion Federation also use journals and other mechanisms for the expression of women’s thoughts and emotions. Allegheny Reproductive Health Center in Pittsburgh offers their patient the opportunity to share words of encouragement on paper hearts that are then placed on a wall dedicated to these expressions.  The Abortion Conversation Project has also collected powerful first person stories.  Other invaluable web sites are,,, ,, and In addition, the bilingual ‘zine Our Truths/Nuestras Verdades, published by the “pro-voice” organization Exhale, also features compelling abortion stories. The Amsterdam, Netherlands-based organization Women on Waves, which travels to countries where abortion is illegal, features a campaign called “Show Your Face: Break the Silence,” in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, and Portuguese. For those seeking movies representing women’s diverse voices, there are The Abortion Diaries and Speakout: I Had an Abortion. These are only a small sampling of the myriad of resources available.   

The importance of abortion as a human right integral to women’s dignity, the destigmatization and normalization of the experience as common for women – there are now more than 46 million abortions occurring in the world today (close to half of which are illegal and unsafe) and one in three U.S. women will have an abortion by the age of 45 – and ending the silence and shame that women may still feel cannot be underestimated in the global struggle for reproductive justice and gender equality. When we normalize abortion as a fact of women’s lives, and discuss abortion as an honorable and loving choice that helps women to become better mothers in the future, we are showing respect, understanding, and support for the complexity of women’s choices.

So it was with great interest that I read and reflected upon  Jacob Appel’s “It’s Time for an Abortion Pride Movement.” This author and bioethicist emphasizes: “The political and social reality today is that pride is a necessary prerequisite for acceptance and equality. That is why the movement is ripe – more than ripe – for an Abortion Pride Movement.”

I passionately agree. I also believe that the framework for such a movement already exists and is quite powerful. Talking about abortion pride as a social change movement, destigmatizing abortion – and by extension, destigmatizing women – are concepts I have believed in and fought for all of my adult life. Apple refers to the stigma that abortion still carries: “In contrast to women who have foregone abortion, women who have chosen to terminate their pregnancies are rarely encouraged to take pride in their decisions. This is unfortunate…women who step up to the ethical plate and have the strength to say, ‘This is the wrong time,’ or ‘This is the wrong fetus,’ should hold their heads up high in the street.”

Yes, they should – and many do. I also agree with the writer – because I witnessed it for more than 35 years in my clinical work of abortion care provision – that the difficulty and pain of a private decision such as an abortion that a woman may feel does not mean that she has any doubt regarding the moral clarity and ethical foundation of her abortion choice. We all frequently experience ambivalence when faced with a deep and life-changing crossroads in our lives, and the choice of an abortion is an example of that. Women can feel initial sadness, but simultaneously know what she needs to do, that the abortion is the absolute best choice, and ultimately feel resolution, peace, and pride. In fact, many women do feel goodness, empowerment, increased self-esteem, and pride in the wisdom and the awareness that they took control of a frequently chaotic situation – unwanted pregnancy – and made a moral and ethical decision that was beneficial for their lives, their futures, and, ultimately, was also good for society.

Of course, we don’t live in that world yet. Like Appel, describing abortion as safe, legal, and rare” has always deeply offended me…the rare part, that is. Should women be rare? Should our sexuality and sexual expression be rare? Should abortion providers be rare? (They already are.) Should sexual activity be rare? It is, of course, unwanted pregnancy that needs to be rare. Unfortunately, due to misogynistic beliefs and policies, it isn’t. As a result, there needs to be as many safe, legal, accessible, funded, and compassionate abortions as women freely chose. As Appel writes: “Choice is merely a foundation. Ultimately, women – if they so desire – should feel comfortable expressing public pride in their brave and wise choices.”

Of course they should – and this is the goal of the movement for the normalization of abortion. Women are already speaking out about their abortions, normalizing its occurrence in our lives, and sharing feelings about the importance of voluntary motherhood. This is not a trivialization – a common anti-choice attack – but a recognition of the significance that the abortion experience has in women’s lives. We actually already have an Abortion Pride Movement. We need to make it more powerful, more visible, and more influential as a social justice change mechanism and continue to strive to change attitudes about abortion. Society needs to know that safe abortion is a moral good for women, understand more fully why women make this choice, and provide support and respect for women’s moral and ethical decision-making. We need to create a world where a woman having an abortion is as respected and supported as a woman having a baby. As the movement for abortion pride and the recognition of women’s human rights progresses, we will continue to speak out with our voices, our experiences, our bodies – and our lives. YES – ABORTION PRIDE!


From Politico:

Father John Jenkins, the president of the University of Notre Dame, probably yearns for days past when the only angry messages waiting for him related to rehiring head football coach Charlie Weis for a fifth season after Weis’ dismal 6-6 performance in 2008. Today, Jenkins is being targeted not by bad sports but by conservative Catholics sporting really bad attitudes about Notre Dame’s decision to welcome the president of the United States to campus next month to serve as commencement speaker.

The president recently returned from an extraordinarily successful visit to world capitals in association with the G-20 summit. The massive crowds in cities from London to Prague waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of the 44th president would be baffled by the ND-Obama rancor.

Well-acquainted with abortion politics in America, Notre Dame’s graduating class is less confounded. Indeed, an overwhelming majority are delighted by the opportunity to have their special moment embellished by Barack Obama’s intelligence and eloquence.

Some of the reaction to Obama is still post-election sour grapes. Obama netted 54 percent of the Catholic vote nationwide, including a sizable share in Notre Dame’s home state of Indiana, where he became the first Democratic presidential candidate since 1964 to win the Hoosier State’s electoral votes. Obama’s victory loosened the grip the GOP had on middle-income families, a result of Ronald Reagan’s likable personality and his stance against an abortion rate in excess of 1 million per year.

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Teaching the leftist agenda in school

April 14, 2009

I recently met two families totally dedicated to home schooling their children.  I had no idea why.  But then each parent, one by one, spoke to me about “social engineering” comming home to them from their children…..I have come to believe in home schooling and to research the kinds of things being taught to our young Americans in school.  The writer below puts the case very well indeed….


The relationship between Unions and the Democrat Party has been well documented. Far too many Americans remain unaware of just how this partnership effects their personal lives, and plays a significant role in their homes. I’ll speak from my own experience, and my focus will be on the public education system.

Both of my sons attended a highly ranked public school district in So. California. My wife and I put the education of our children at the top of our priority list. As is the case with most families, we taught our children the human values that we held close to our heart. We taught our children the principles of life that we deem important for their character, as well as their ability to achieve peace within their own spirit. Like most parents, we also wanted balance in their lives.  We got our children involved in youth sports, scouting, music, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The day came, when we started to notice some conflicting information coming home with our children by way of teachers. What really bothered us, is that this information didn’t really have any connection with what we were sending our children to school for; reading, writing, math, science, history.  No, quite the contrary. Our third grader came home telling us all about how to put a condom on a cucumber, and describing a Vagina in detail. Wow, that got our attention. We then started paying closer attention to exactly what kind of subject matter was taking place in school. What we discovered was shocking, at least to us. A leftist agenda was taking place so blatantly….

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