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Where Are The Jobs? Ask The Unions

May 7, 2009

When President Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus bill, he promised it would create or save 3.5 million jobs. Ever since, federal and state officials have been trying to count those jobs, but it hasn’t been easy.  

We should just relax and ask the unions.

One man jumped to his death off the All-America Bridge in Ohio this year.

Two more used the Akron bridge — more commonly known as the Y-Bridge — to commit suicide in 2008.

Akron hopes to curtail future deaths on what has been dubbed ”Suicide Bridge” by installing a fence.

The fence is a stimulus jobs program: and the jobs have to be union jobs.

“The question to me was, ‘How in God’s name did Obama’s guys come up with these job numbers for us?’  So, being a good accountant I dove into it.”

“I think they used a ouija board.”

That’s from my friend in Massachusetts speaking about the number of jobs that would be saved there as estimated by team Obama.  The people in Massachusetts have no idea how they can ever save that number of jobs, we were told….

“They must have just manufactured these numbers in Washington DC….”

The unions now own Chrysler, or a big chunk of it.

The Teamsters Union is the main reason that more trucks from Mexico can’t carry goods into the U.S.

The teachers unions will be the biggest beneficiaries of the Obama education reform efforts — as near as we can tell.

And every little city in America that took stimulus money from the federal government hoping to gain 60 jobs may only get like 45 jobs — because they must be union jobs.

Obama also favors the controversial union building measure called “Cardcheck.”

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Stimulus Road Projects in Areas of Highest Employment; Contrary to Promises

Now we find out that one of the Obama Administration’s cost savings measures is to cut funding for those looking for corruption in the unions…..

The Labor Department’s Office of Labor-Management Standards took its job of policing unions seriously. Its actions led to 929 convictions of corrupt union officials and to the recovery of more than $93 million on behalf of union members during the Bush Administration. Yet the Obama administration has proposed slashing its budget from $45 million in 2009 to $41 million in 2010, citing an insufficient “workload” for the office.

Michelle Malkin:

American Spectator:

Defying Logic: Obama Wants Congress To Give Him Money Without Plans (And The Money Is Borrowed)

May 7, 2009

President Obama requested funding from Congress to relocate the terrorists prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay prison.  But the funding request had no accompanying plan on what to do with the prisoners.  Mr. Obama’s promised to close Guantanamo Bay by January 2010.

The House Appropriations Committee withheld the funding: and asked for a plan.

“While I don’t mind defending a concrete program, I’m not much interested in wasting my energy defending a theoretical program,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey, Wisconsin Democrat.

But the White House asking for money without a concrete plan is not unusual: in fact, for the Obama Administration: that is the norm.

Cap and trade and the total re-engineering of the nation’s energy system to remove coal and oil?  We don’t know the total plan or much of the costs either.

The $787 billion stimulus was passed without a single lawmaker admitted he or she had read the request.  So why bother with writing down the tricky deatails of government spending?

Heath care?  The current Obama Administration request is for spending   The details of reform?  Yet to be worked out.

Education?  We don’t have a plan but we want the government to send everyone to college.  What will that cost and what will that mean?  We aren’t sure.

This wouldn’t seem so starkly stupid if we had the money to spend.  But this is borrowing huge sums from China and saddling out grandchildren with the debt: while we work out how the money will be spent, exactly.

Donna Smith of Reuters wrote, “Obama wants an overhaul of the $2.5 trillion U.S. health care industry passed by the end of the year.”

She also wrote, “Obama has not put forward a specific plan and is leaving it to the Democratic-controlled Congress to write the legislation.”

Cart before the horse?  Or just stupid government?

Karl Rove: Obama Outsources His Presidency


From The Washington Times

The Senate’s top appropriator Monday vowed to restore funding President Obama requested to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, challenging his own Democratic Party leaders who expressed skepticism about the administration’s plan.

“It’s going to be in the bill,” Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel K. Inouye told The Washington Times. “Something like this should be resolved in the conference.”

The Hawaii Democrat said the $81 million the White House wants to shut down the detention center at the U.S. Navy base in Cuba could come with conditions, such as withholding the money until Mr. Obama presents a plan for relocating the roughly 240 terrorist suspects locked up on the island.

House Democratic leaders left the requested money out of their version of a $94 billion supplemental spending bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bucking the White House’s call for funding as it tries to make good on Mr. Obama’s promise to close Guantanamo Bay by January.

But the maneuver shored up Republican support critical to passing the bill and to avoid an embarrassing defeat for Mr. Obama at the hands of antiwar Democrats who will not support the additional funding primarily for military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Republicans, who have been searching for an issue that resonates with voters, hammered the Guantanamo Bay closure in recent weeks.

Democratic leaders also balked at the administration’s lack of a plan to relocate the prisoners, even though they agree that the prison has become a symbol of U.S. excesses during President George W. Bush’s war on terror.

“While I don’t mind defending a concrete program, I’m not much interested in wasting my energy defending a theoretical program,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey, Wisconsin Democrat.

Mr. Obey, who supports the idea of closing the facility, said that when White House officials develop a plan, “they are welcome to come back and talk to us about it.”

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Donna Smith of Reuters on Health Care:

Protest Over Schools In Washington DC: The Unions Are Failing

May 7, 2009

Tears welled up in Zed Yim’s eyes when she was asked where her son will go to school next year. “I have no idea,” she confided, before her emotions prevented her from saying any more.

Ms. Yim, along with 1400 D.C. schoolchildren, teachers, and parents rallied, yesterday in Freedom Park, just across from the White House, to protest the cancellation of the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) that provides school vouchers for 1700 disadvantaged D.C. youth. The Democratic Congress voted in a spending bill to defund the OSP earlier this year, thereby revoking the scholarships of kids like Zed’s son, Kassa, who currently attends Sacred Heart School in Northwest D.C.

By Joseph Lawler
The American Spectator
The rally, which featured speeches by former mayors Marion Barry and Anthony A. Williams as well as student and parent testimonials, drew students from OSP-participating schools all over D.C.. Neither Infinite Fields and Demarro Shavazz, scholarship recipients in the seventh grade at Bridges Academy, knew exactly who was responsible for ending their scholarship program, but their disappointment showed. Infinite called Bridges “fantastic,” and said that studying there had improved his academic career. Demarro added that he did not think it was fair to axe the program, because “not all the parents can pay.”

Donna Mebane, a teacher of literature and language arts at Bridges, explained that the OSP gives the kids an advantage. Bridges Academy’s advanced curriculum allows the kids to enter high school ahead of the curve. In her seventh grade literature class of nine children, all but one or two are OSP participants. The death of the OSP program “will hurt a lot of people,” she predicted. “It will definitely affect students.”

Another mother in attendance, Anquanette Williamson, has two sons, Dayonte and Donae, attending private schools through vouchers. “I don’t think it’s fair to the parents or the kids,” she said of the program’s demise. She explained that it was particularly disheartening for the program to end just as it began to benefit those who needed it the most. “I don’t want to be racist,” she said, “but that’s when they stopped [funding the program] — when us minorities found out about it.”

Although the rally’s attendees knew that they had been dealt a bad hand, none who spoke to TAS knew exactly where to assign the blame. Most blamed D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and the City Council for ending the OSP.

In fact, Fenty supports vouchers. OSP lost its funding at the federal level. Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, added language to the $410 billion omnibus spending bill enacted on March 11 that cut off the $14 million for the….

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L.A. schools chief critical of unfit teachers ‘milking the system’

Protesters Blast Congress for Axing D.C. Vouchers While Sending Own Kids to Private School

Obama Opposes School Choice in Washington DC: But His Kids Have a Choice

L.A. schools chief critical of unfit teachers ‘milking the system’

May 7, 2009

The top administrator for L.A.’s schools said this morning he was frustrated by unfit teachers “milking the system” by contesting justified dismissals for years.

Supt. Ramon C. Cortines was reacting this morning to an article in the Los Angeles Times on how difficult it is to fire teachers for gross misconduct. Today’s article, part of an investigative series by reporter Jason Song, detailed how 160 instructors and others remain on the payroll, without any job duties, while their fitness is being evaluated or their dismissals move through due process, which can stretch for years. The in-limbo employees cost the district about $10 million a year.

L.A. Times

“If I had my way, I would fire all 150, and they would not get another damned penny,” Cortines said in response to a question at the end of a news conference at Fairfax High School. 

“I do not have the legal right to do that, and they’re milking the system,” he said. “And the system is designed not to protect kids and schools and the educators, but it is designed to protect the very few incompetents that we have.”

Teachers union president A.J. Duffy has asserted that accused teachers deserve the presumption of innocence and due process and that they should not be expected to perform non-teaching duties while their cases are being resolved.

Cortines was speaking at Fairfax because it was the site of the first confirmed case of swine flu in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Cortines said he authorized the school to remain open on the advice of public health officials.

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Protesters Blast Congress for Axing D.C. Vouchers While Sending Own Kids to Private School

May 6, 2009

Protesters in Washington put Congress in the line of fire Wednesday for voting to end school vouchers in D.C. — while nearly four out of 10 members of Congress send their own children to private schools.

Fox News

Supporters of a celebrated school voucher program in Washington rallied near the mayor’s office Wednesday to save the scholarships from being slashed by Congress — nearly 40 percent of whose members send their own children to private schools.

An estimated 1,000 parents, children and community leaders attended the afternoon protest in Washington’s Freedom Plaza, where they called on D.C. politicians to help preserve a federal school choice program that currently assists more than 1,700 students with scholarships worth up to $7,500.

“Several years ago many of us in this good city worked very hard to get a program going with the federal government so that children could go to the schools of their choice. This program has worked,” said Kevin Chavous, a former D.C. councilman, but “right now some folks in Congress want to end this program.”

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program is slated to end next year because of a provision slipped into Congress’ $410 billion omnibus spending bill by Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., whose children attend private school.

The amendment has angered parents who say the vouchers have raised performance and rescued students from one of the country’s worst public school systems.

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Obama Opposes School Choice in Washington DC: But His Kids Have a Choice

Obama Opposes School Choice in Washington DC: But His Kids Have a Choice

May 6, 2009

More hard to explain Obama decision making while the media sleeps.

President Obama’s kids go to private schools.  Some of their schoolmates are poor kids using vouchers to go to that school.  But the president has sided with teachers unions to fight against these vouchers.

The Mayor of Washington DC and his schools’ boss have asked the Obama Administration to continue the voucher program but President Obama has rebuffed their requests — even though his own two kids go to private schools.

Makes sense so far?  The fact is: the president is pro-union to the extent that in the Chrysler deal, the union got paid before the preferred debt holders. So the Washington DC union teachers have to get all the students they can: even if parents complain those teachers aren’t educating their kids.  Parents want the coice: because it is working and their kids are getting a better education because of choice: like Obama’s kids.
Education is part of Obama’s three headed hydra along with the environment and health care.  But it has to be Obama’s education: with union teachers.  Home shooling and vouchers be damned.  In health care it will undoubtedly be Obama’s government health care: not necessarily better health.  Or care.  But probably, almost certainly, more government.  And on energy/environment: just forget about coal, gas, oil, and nuclear and get on the wind bandwagon: whatever the cost.

Makes no sense…


In India, School Vouchers Rising; In Obamaland: Not

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Japan’s ‘exam hell’ now reaches into preschool

April 24, 2009

It’s a quiet afternoon in suburban Tokyo as a well-dressed boy and his mother enter Nikken, a cram school for kindergartners and preschoolers. The mother bows to staff, confirms a pickup time, and drives off in her Mercedes as the boy hunkers down at that most iconic of Japanese institutions: the cram school.

Japan’s juken, or “exam hell,” has long evoked images of stressed kids competing for slots at top universities in an all-or-nothing exam. But this approach has increasingly moved down the ladder.

By Yuriko Nagano
Christian Science Monitor

Now, in what is known as ojuken, nursery-schoolers are doing worksheets and attending special classes to secure a seat in primary school that their parents hope will ensure their long-term success.

The reasons for the shift are complex. Japan’s youth population is declining, and many colleges are scrambling to fill seats – something that should make it easier to get into all but the most exclusive schools.

Instead, many parents are ever more relentlessly seeking competitive advantages, especially as the economic downturn makes competition for jobs more intense. “The low birthrate does seem to be pushing parents to give all they can to the one child,” says Makoto Kobari, an associate professor at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts in Kyoto. “It’s an act of selective extravagance.”

“There’s definitely an ojuken craze heating up,” says Naoki Ogi, head of the Practical Education Research Institute in Tokyo. But, he adds, “we’re talking about a very limited part of society that this is happening in.”

No formal data exist on the ojuken population. But the competition for the schools parents are targeting can be fierce: For the class entering Tokyo’s Keio Gijuku Yochisha elementary school in 2008, for example, there were 2,468 applicants for 144 spots. In recent years, applicant numbers at Keio have steadily increased, up 10 percent over 2006.

The examination process itself takes place between November and December, with the school year starting in April. But ojuken is a year-round business. At Nikken, most families enroll children for two years and typically spend $22,000 on tuition.

Not surprisingly, parents tend toward the wealthy side, according to Mr. Kobari: Some 56.8 percent earn more than 10 million yen (about $100,000) per year. Most parents are university graduates and 76.5 percent of mothers are full-time housewives.

At Nikken, Kikuko Fukuda speaks quietly but firmly about what children must do to succeed. “We advise families that children need at least a year, coming in a minimum of once a week, to have a shot at passing these exams,” she says.

Ms. Fukuda adds that families go to great lengths to pay. “We see families bringing out their six pockets – mom, dad, grandparents from both sides.”

The school’s counsel reaches beyond the merely academic. In one corner of a classroom are enlarged photos of “winning” suits mothers wore to elementary school interviews and the names of the schools where their children were accepted. The mothers and children are clad in dark-colored garb, with what look like black Italian handbags and matching shoes. Fukuda says that many families custom order their suits so they won’t look identical.

Hanako Yamashita, who is a paralegal, enrolled her daughter in an exclusive prep class that accepts students only through referrals. The girl enrolled before turning 3 and has spent a couple of hours every Saturday at the class for the past year.

Mrs. Yamashita’s daughter, now 4, shakes her head when asked if she thought the exams were intimidating. “The snacks [my Saturday teacher gave us] were yummy,” she says with a smile. “The classes were fun.” And she got into Denenchofu Futaba Gakuen, the school of her choice – joining her older sister, a fourth-grader, as school opens this month.

To Yamashita, it was a huge relief – especially given the numbers of students applying. “Compared with three years ago with my older daughter, it felt like there were a lot more parents competing for a spot,” she says. Her reasoning for the early start: By applying to a school that feeds into the next level, she spared her children having to take the “much more brutal” middle-school exams.

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In India, School Vouchers Rising; In Obamaland: Not

April 19, 2009

In the United States, school vouchers have been an unqualified success, especially in school districts where getting a good education isn’t easy.  The Mayor of Washington DC and his schools’ boss have asked the Obama Administration to continue the voucher program but President Obama has rebuffed their requests — even though his own two kids go to private schools.

We thought it interesting to note that even in India the school voucher system seems to be improving education….It is all about choice!


Using political rallies as a platform to raise a voice against the poor quality of education in government schools, a “My vote, My choice!” campaign is urging leaders to provide “education vouchers” to students, especially from marginalised communities, to enable them select a school of their choice.

The Centre for Civil Society that is running the campaign, said this will improve the overall quality of education that schools provide.

“When funds are not a limiting factor for a child to select his or her school, they will obviously opt for one which has a good infrastructure and strong teachers’ presence. This will instil a feeling of competitiveness amongst the schools to improve themselves in order to attract more students, thus raising the quality of education,” Baishali Bomjan of “My vote, My choice!” told IANS.

Indo-Asian News Service
New Delhi, April 18, 2009

To prove its point, the NGO has been running a three-year pilot project in Delhi.

“In a pilot project which we launched in 2007, we chose 408 students from across Delhi and gave them education vouchers of Rs.3,600 per annum to get admission in a budget school of their choice. Most parents decided to pull our their children from government schools and put them in private schools instead.

“After a year, we drew up an assessment report and saw that the overall learning capacity, the will to go to school and learn amongst the students had increased,” Bomjan said.

The campaigners are marking their presence felt in almost all major political rallies in order to get their message across to the leaders and policy makers.

“We are not saying that government schools should close down. But since these schools are not accountable to the parents, quality of education is always compromised with. We are already in talks with the Rajasthan government in this regard,” Bomjan said.

“Through this campaign, we are trying to say that if people have the right to choose their government, then why not a school? Educational reform is the need of the day,” she added.

Better Education? Obama Kills Nation’s “Best” Voucher Program

Teaching the leftist agenda in school

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Obama’s Suicide Machine: Economy, Spending, Debt (Education, Climate, Health Care)

April 18, 2009

Evoking one of Barack Obama’s favorite performers, Ben Stein today called the Obama tax and spend plan “Obama’s suicide machine.”

He said the president’s current plan to borrow more money to spend on education, health care and climate change makes no sense because it will accumulate too much debt.

“There is no correlation whatsoever that more spending means better academic achievement,” Stein added.

On the environment, the president urged people to look to Spain to see how environmental regulations created jobs.

Neil Cavuto said, “We did look at Spain and for every climate change job gained, two others were lost.”

“Making the nation more green is good for the economy is a fantasy,” said Terry Keenan.

This is also the first year that social security will pay out more than it takes in…..


Ben Stein appeared on Cavuto’s Saturday show on Fox, “Cavuto on Business.”

Many commentators are now saying even Republicans who voted for the stimulus and the TARP are feeling heat from voters alarmed about the spending and debt……

Michelle Malkin

Obama’s Spending Plans Means Cuts In Other Areas Needed

By WILL LESTER, Associated Press Writer

Families are making tough decisions about their money and so too will their government, President Barack Obama said Saturday, promising that spending cuts are coming — and soon.

At a Cabinet meeting Monday, the president will ask department and agency heads for specific proposals for trimming their budgets.

“If were going to rebuild our economy on a solid foundation, we need to change the way we do business in Washington. We need to restore the American peoples confidence in their government — that it is on their side, spending their money wisely, to meet their families needs,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address, released while he attended the Summit of the Americans in Trinidad.

To help achieve his goal of an efficient government, Obama announced the appointment of Jeffrey Zients, a founder and managing partner of the investment firm Portfolio Logic, as chief performance officer. Zients, who also will serve as deputy director for management of the Office of Management and Budget, will work to streamline processes and cut costs.

On that front, Obama gave notice he wants to act quickly.

“In the coming weeks, I will be announcing the elimination of dozens of government programs shown to be wasteful or ineffective,” he said. “In this effort, there will be no sacred cows and no pet projects. All across America, families are making hard choices, and it’s time their government did the same.”

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is ending consulting contracts to create new seals and logos that, Obama said, have cost the department $3 million since 2003. Obama also cited Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ plan to overhaul contracting procedures and eliminate billions in wasteful spending and cost overruns.

The president praised Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Carl Levin, D-Mich., who are leading the effort in Congress.

Republicans have kept up a steady stream of criticism of Obama’s spending, both of his $787 billion stimulus plan and his $3.6 trillion budget proposal.

“Earlier this week, President Obama said that we need to get serious about fiscal discipline by trimming waste in the federal budget,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said in the GOP address. “Republicans couldn’t agree more. We want to work with the president to get our financial house back in order.”

“It’s irresponsible to borrow more than all previous American presidents combined. And it must stop if we want to get our economy moving again,” McCarthy said. “When will all this spending and borrowing end?”

Obama said he’s determined to try to cut costs.

“That is why I have assembled a team of management, technology and budget experts to guide us in this work,” he said, “leaders who will help us revamp government operations from top to bottom and ensure that the federal government is truly working for the American people.”

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Brit View: Obama Still Expects To Borrow $2.562 Trillion Before October 1st; $6 to $10 Billion per Day

Obama Is President Disorder, Irony and Non Sequitur

April 17, 2009

I find it stragely ironic that the President of the United States that has asserted that he is the one ready for negotiations with any and all bad guys including Iran and North Korea ordered the death of three Somali pirates during a negotiation.  The President of the United States so shocked by the “torture” of Gitmo has decided to close the place entirely and to release  Bush-era memos about CIA interrogation techniques.


To trash Bush, which seems to be the Obama mantra thus far?

Politico reported:

A former top official in the administration of President George W. Bush called the publication of the memos “unbelievable.”

“It’s damaging because these are techniques that work, and by Obama’s action today, we are telling the terrorists what they are,” the official said. “We have laid it all out for our enemies. This is totally unnecessary. … Publicizing the techniques does grave damage to our national security by ensuring they can never be used again — even in a ticking-time- bomb scenario where thousands or even millions of American lives are at stake.”

“I don’t believe Obama would intentionally endanger the nation, so it must be that he thinks either 1. the previous administration, including the CIA professionals who have defended this program, is lying about its importance and effectiveness, or 2. he believes we are no longer really at war and no longer face the kind of grave threat to our national security this program has protected against.”

And then why, if such “torture” is so deplorable, does the same man execute without due process three Somali pirates?  With all due respect to Captain Phillips and the hero of the U.S. Navy who pulled the trigger, how many people have the pirates killed and harmed in the past?

The answer is zero.

Death by sniper’s bullet is clearly torture and the ultimate denial of rights, it seems to me.  What has happened at Gitmo?  I’m not nearly as certain….

I am confused and concerned about President Obama….

He seems to be the president of non sequitur (“it does not follow”).

The president is against automatic weapons and the drug trade that has made the border with Mexico so dangerously violent.  So he went to Mexico and then left again without any new pledge againsts drugs, guns or a lawless border.  Non sequitur.

He wants to clean up the financial system and see the economy thrive but he has launched upon a debt supported spending binge and continues to attacks bankers, Wall Street and even fired the head of GM.  Non sequitur.

He wants to attack the economy and make it well but there is none of the job creation and building projects of the FDR years — he has linked recovery to health care, education and climate change.  Non sequitur.

Maybe I don’t “get it.”  Or maybe the president doesn’t get it — which really worries me….

Politico on release of CIA documents:


Obama Amid the World Of Disorder

By George Neumayr
American Spectator

Modern liberals measure “progress” not by the unfolding fulfillment of the natural moral law but by its elimination. Consequently, most of what is labeled “progress” is basically just regress, a return, under a glossier guise, to the practices of antiquity and pre-Christian paganism.

Pagans stuck the inconvenient elderly on snow drifts; moderns dehydrate them to death in hospitals. Pagans left unwanted babies to die on hilltops; moderns bury them in bins behind Planned Parenthood clinics. Pagans attended orgies, moderns attend “gay weddings.”

In its deepening moral squalor, in its raw defiance of reality as God made it, the Brave New World is as barbaric as the old one. That Hillary Clinton and other architects of the Brave New World are now forced to grapple clumsily with piracy is somehow fitting. Their “new world order” is intrinsically disordered, a reckless ideological experiment that explodes in recurring currents of chaos, discontent, and lawlessness. Why not piracy too?

The recent gusher of globalist babble at the G-20 summit is exposed by the rise of piracy as a total sham. And the rise of piracy is one more proof of Dambisa Moyo’s thesis in Dead Aid — that ceaseless Western government-to-government handouts to Africa, which are just a new version of white colonialism, have frozen the continent in a helpless and horrid past. After a trillion dollars over sixty years, the only vivid display of entrepreneurial activity in Africa today is…piracy.

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