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Obama’s Biggest Gamble?

May 20, 2009

Is Iran close to a nuclear weapon or many years away?

Is Iran close to long range missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons to Israel or Europe?

Obama wants to believe that Iran is a long way from achieving the nuclear weapons and the delivery system necessary to endanger the world.

And an “independent study” publicly released just this week said Iran was years away from the missile they need to endanger Europe — which means Russia, who has long opposed U.S. missile defense efforts in Europe can rest easy and Obama can save billions on defense spending.

Except for a few facts just revealed today.


Iran tested a missile capable of reaching into Europe and retired general Trey Obering, the last Pentagon top man on missile defense, said on the Fox News channel that the “independent study” publicly released just this week was made up of long-time opponents of missile defense who have a pro-Obama agenda…..

So we can hardly fault some experts who no longer believe that Obama worries about nukes and missiles from Iran and has a proper dialogue in place that will take care of the problem…..

Has Obama given up on halting Iran?
Iran tests missile that could hit Israel, Europe
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Ahmadinejad, whose moderate challengers in the June 12 vote accuse him of isolating Iran with his anti-Western speeches, said the country had the power to send any attacker “to hell.”

He has also famously said he would “wipe Israel from the map.”

Except he never says the word Israel.  He doesn’t recognize the nation’s right to exist.  It calls it the land of Zionists.

But he’ll certainly promise to disarm and mean it.  Of course he will….

Has Obama given up on halting Iran?

May 20, 2009

Tuesday the Washington Post reported that missile defense was not needed in Europe because Iran was a long way from making a missile that could reach NATO.  Today, Iran tested the missile that can get there.

After years of worthless sanctions against Iran, we can expect a nuclear test soon.  Just ask Israel.  But the American liberal media and the Obama Administration is likely just looking the other way….

Iran tests missile that could hit Israel, Europe

There are growing indications that the US has come to terms with a nuclear-armed Teheran, two analysts told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

By Yaakov Lappin
The Jerusalem Post

“The Americans are in a state of mindaccording to which Iran has already gone nuclear,” said Dr. Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan’s Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.

Kedar, who served in Military Intelligence for 25 years, said US President Barack Obama was “at peace” with the idea of a nuclear Iran.

“You can tell from how the Americans talk. Look at how [US special envoy] George Mitchell talks, or how Obama talks. I don’t see them being pressured by this threat. They have shown no urgent desire to change this reality,” he added.

“Obama has given up,” Kedar said.

The result is that the US and Israel have only “small things to talk about,” mainly the Palestinian track.

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While Obama Announces Oil Conservation Measures, China Surges Ahead To Gobble Up Available Reserves

May 19, 2009

China buys 300,000 barrels of Venezuelan crude every day, and is eager for more from the Latin American country as part of its global quest for a diverse range of energy supplies.

Today, Venezuela said to begin building the first joint Venezuelan-Chinese oil drilling platform in June, according to Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez.

China is buying up oil in Iran, Iraq, Russia, Africa and just about everywhere else.

China also has an extensive deep sea oil exploration effort ongoing which explains some of China’s recent high seas expansion and belligerence.

But not to worry: President Barack Obama will have us out of gas guzzling cars and into all kinds of fuel savers before long.

Obama can do this because he already owns a big chunk of Chrysler, will soon own GM, and may own Ford the way things are going.

The only profitable U.S. car company, Ford, produces the least efficient cars and will have to retool its fleet to meet the Obama standards….

China has a population of 1.3 billion and wants more oil to power its industry.  China now also produces more cars than the USA and wants to put Chinese butts in many new cars during the next ten years.  China is also boosting export of Chinese built cars around the globe and will export to the USA startuing next year….

The U.S. population is only 300 million but those folks will get to pay a lot more for cars that are said to be really clean and efficient…..

Above: Missile Destroyer Haikou 171 of the PLA Navy’s South China Sea Fleet.  She departed with two other Chinese warships on a mission to the Gulf of Aden near Somali on anti-pirate patrol in December.  Many in the West see this as a sign of renewed cooperation between China and other military powers.  Others see this move as practice for more far flung Chinese naval deployments.

China drill at sea


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is asking consumers to put their money — up to $1,300 per new vehicle by 2016 — behind his plan for higher efficiency standards for cars and trucks and tougher rules on their greenhouse gas emissions.

In return, Obama said Tuesday in unveiling the plan, drivers would make up the higher cost of more fuel-efficient, cleaner vehicles by buying less gas at the pump. It would take just three years to pay off the investment and would, over the life of a vehicle, save about $2,800 though better gas mileage, the president said.

While requiring that vehicle carbon dioxide emissions be reduced by about one-third by the target date, the plan also calls for the auto industry to build vehicles that average 35.5 miles per gallon. Government regulations have never before linked emission and fuel standards.

“The fact is, everyone wins,” Obama said during a Rose Garden ceremony attended by representatives of the auto industry and environmental groups as well as state and federal lawmakers.

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Michelle Malkin:

‘Israel will have to take on Iran alone once Obama’s efforts fail’ — In three months

May 19, 2009

Israel will be forced to take on Iran’s contentious nuclear program alone once U.S. President Barack Obama’s overture for dialogue with Tehran fails, an Israeli official said on Tuesday.

The official was quoted by Channel 10 as saying that Obama’s insistence on engagement with Iran would force Israel to make a “difficult decision” on the matter by the end of 2009.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. lawmakers said earlier Tuesday that Israel and the United States had agreed that Iran must not be allowed to continue its contentious nuclear program.

From Haaretz Newsaper

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During his meeting with US President Barack Obama on Monday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a commitment that Israel would not attack Iran at least until the end of the year and would not disturb Washington’s plans for dialogue with Teheran over its nuclear program in any way, Channel 2 reported on Tuesday. 

Also according to the report, Obama said that in three months – not the previously reported six – he would reassess his attempts at dialogue with the Islamic republic.

The two sides decided to set up intimate US-Israeli strategic teams to coordinate moves vis a vis the Iranian issue, continued the report.

However, quoting a top Jerusalem official, Channel 10 said that Israel was concerned that after realizing that his attempts at dialogue with Iran had failed, Obama would refuse to acknowledge it, and that Israel would then be left alone to deal with the threat posed by Teheran and would need “to make a tough decision.”

From the Jerusalem Post

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Obama Gives Iran Until The End of The Year; Top Iranian General Predicts Israel’s Destruction in 11 days

May 19, 2009

For the video of Iran’s general, link to the Jerusalem Post:

Yesterday, President Barack Obama told Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and assempbled reporters that he would allow his diplomatic initiatives with Iran to work until the end of the year….

“By the end of the year we should have some sense whether or not these discussions are starting to yield significant benefits, whether we are starting to see serious movement on the part of Iranians,” he said.

See the New York Times:

See also Reuters:


Iran is in the midst of a multi-year plan that it hopes will culminate in the production of several hundred missile launchers and over 1,000 long-range ballistic missiles within the next six years, according to estimates in the Israeli defense establishment.

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For Stopping Iran, “It’s late in the game”

Obama Told Missile Defense in Europe Not Needed: Iran Years Away from Having Missiles

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) meets with Israel's Prime ...
U.S. President Barack Obama (R) meets with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, May 18, 2009. REUTERS/Larry Downing

In Berry’s World Four Years Hence: China Will Be the Only Thriving Superpower

May 19, 2009

We are staring to have this vision that four years from now all of America’s problems will be solved — except we’ll have no industry, overtaxed business will be struggling to survive and we’ll be burdened by a debt so large that “economic recovery” will be impossible all together.

We’ll have cleaner air and more people will have health insurance.  But the population will be declining and much poorer.

China will be the only super power.  And although China’s carbon emissions will be five times what they are now, the  GDP and living standard in China will be higher than ever — and taxes will be lower than ever.

Iran will have swallowed Israel and most of the Middle East so it can control the oil that is mostly going to Russia and China.

America, and most of Europe, will have stagnant economies that just struggle along but both will enjoy a kind of world leadership sanctity in doing the right thing.  Taxes will be way up: the sandard of living way down.  Drug use will skyrocket.  Most pregnancies will end in abortion.

Most Americans and Europeans will take their marching orders from the U.N.; but China will be the prosperous holdout to the world economy.

We’ll be in Berry’s World.  Obamaland.

I’m studying Chinese…..

While Obama Announces Oil Conservation Measures, China Surges Ahead To Gobble Up Available Reserves

Michelle Malkin:

Don’t swallow media distractions: see the real news:

For Stopping Iran, “It’s late in the game”

May 19, 2009

Back when the Bush Administration was warning about Iran’s nuclear progress, or its deadly meddling in Iraq, the typical Democratic and media response was to treat the Islamic Republic as innocent until proven guilty. This month, Democrat Robert Morgenthau supplied the proof.

In testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that was largely ignored by the media, the legendary Manhattan District Attorney opened a window on how Iran is secretly obtaining the ingredients for an arsenal of mass destruction. Mr. Morgenthau, whose recent cases have exposed illicit Iranian finance and procurement networks, has discovered what he calls “Iran’s shopping list for materials related to weapons of mass destruction.” They add up to “literally thousands of records.”

Missile accuracy appears to be a key Iranian goal. In one of Mr. Morgenthau’s cases — the prosecution of Chinese citizen Li Fang Wei and his LIMMT company for allegedly scamming Manhattan banks to slip past sanctions on Iran — the DA uncovered a list that included 400 sophisticated gyroscopes and 600 accelerometers. These are critical for developing accurate long-range missiles. He also found that Iran was acquiring a rare metal called tantalum, “used in those roadside bombs that are being used against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.” So much for the media notion that Iran has played no part in killing American GIs.

Read the rest from the Wall Street Journal:

Obama, Netanyahu at odds over Iran, talks

May 19, 2009

President Obama on Monday said Iran must show progress by the end of this year toward curbing its nuclear program, during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House that revealed stark disagreement and some tension between the two charismatic leaders.

By Jon Ward
The Washigton Times

During one of the most high-stakes meetings of Mr. Obama’s young presidency, he and the recently elected Israeli leader did their best to portray a united front on the issues of confronting Iran’s nuclear ambitions and of Middle East peace talks.

But it was clear from their public statements that the two men, whose private one-on-one meeting went 30 minutes beyond the hour scheduled and was described by one high-ranking White House official as “warm” and “intense” were engaged in a push and pull over Washington’s desire for more movement from Jerusalem [Note] towards [/NOTE] toward peace negotiations, and Jerusalem’s demand that Washington ensure that Iran be stopped from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Mr. Obama’s[‘] call for the Israeli government to stop the construction of new settlements in Palestinian territories came hours after the Israel government was reported to be moving ahead with new construction permits for a settlement in the West Bank, though some in the government disputed the reports.

Mr. Netanyahu, meanwhile, made clear that his intent to engage in the peace process is predicated on a number of actions by the Palestinians, as well as by the United States, as it relates to Iran.

“We’re prepared to move with the president and with others in the Arab world, if they’re prepared to move as well,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

Mr. Obama, who is viewed by some as a less Israel-friendly president than his predecessors, went out of his way to affirm the U.S.-Israel alliance and to talk tough about Iran’s nuclear program.

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Energy Dept Hired Contractors That Helped Make Stimulus Bill To Clean Up Nuke Waste

May 18, 2009

“Shovel ready” because the contractor hiring the guys with the shovels also wrote the stimulus….under Nancy opelosi’s supervision….


EnergySolutions Inc. will get a share of $6 billion in federal stimulus funds earmarked to clean up low-level radioactive waste.

The Salt Lake City company is specifically named in more than half of the project proposals for the Energy Department’s stimulus money. Those projects include large government cleanups of the nation’s nuclear-weapons complex in Hanford, Wash.; Oak Ridge, Tenn.; and Savannah River, S.C.

Company CEO Steve Creamer recently told investors that the disposal firm campaigned to be included.

Waste from the projects would be disposed of in Utah.

Information from: The Salt Lake Tribune


A private company was being paid $300 million by the federal government to clean up radioactive waste at two abandoned Cold War plants in Tennessee when an ironworker crashed through a rotted floor. That prompted a major safety review, which ended up forcing work to an abrupt halt, and the project was shut down for months. The delay and a host of other problems caused cost estimates to rise, eventually hitting $781 million.

Now, President Obama’s stimulus package is opening a bountiful stream of new funding, and the same contractor, Bechtel Jacobs, is slated to get $118 million to help complete the job.

The Energy Department has begun releasing more than $6 billion in stimulus money to clean up 18 nuclear sites from New York to California, more than doubling the typical yearly funding for the program. Contractors helped shape the stimulus package and are lined up to get the work, including many that have been cited for serious safety violations and costly mistakes.

See the Washington Post:

Visit Marathon Pundit:



Obama’s Happy Thoughts for Israel’s Netanyahu: Iran Has Tremendous History, Potential; Door Open for ‘Sanctions’

May 18, 2009

Here you go Israel.  Real words of wisdom from your top ally the President of the United States.  Even though you fear that Iran wants to “wipe Israel from the map,” never fear, Barack Obama says Iran has “tremendous history and potential.”

Netanyahu’s response to Iran’s nuclear weapons?  “Unacceptable.”

The president also said he was leaving the door open for a range of options with Israel including sanctions.

Haven’t sanctions been tried?

In the last few weeks, stories have been all over Israel’s media about preparations for an attack on Iran……

Those words at the White House today.


It seemed to us that Barack Obama’s White House photo op with Benjamin Netanyahu was Obama at his worst: off the teleprompter, halting, lurching and reaching for the right words.

Netanyahu was clear as a bell…..

Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama
APFrom the Associated Press:


President Barack Obama says he expects a positive response from his diplomatic outreach to Iran on stopping its nuclear program by the end of the year.

The president said the United States wanted to bring Iran into the world community, but declared “we’re not going to have talks forever.”

Obama spoke after more than two hours of discussions Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Saying What’s Necessary to Win
FILE - In this Monday, Feb. 11, 2008 file photo, Iranian President ...
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, standing beneath a poster of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei


From Fox News

President Obama won’t put an “artificial deadline” on Iran’s abandoning its nuclear weapons program but said Monday that the Islamic Republic’s obtaining a nuclear weapon would be not only a threat to Israel and the U.S. but would be “profoundly destabilizing” to the international community in general.

In talks with reporters after a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama said he would not let talks go on forever, but the June election in Iran will be revealing about whether there is a chance for progress with Tehran by the end of the year. 

“Iran is a country of extraordinary history and extraordinary potential and we want them to be a full-fledged member of the international community, and be in a position to provide opportunity and prosperity for their people but that the way to achieve those goals is not through the  pursuit of a nuclear weapon,” Obama said.

The president added that a “range of steps” are still available against Iran, including sanctions, if it continues its nuclear program.

“We are not foreclosing a range of steps … in assuring that Iran understands that we are serious,” he added.

Netanyahu said Iran’s obtaining nuclear weapons would be an existential threat not only to Israel but the rest of the world. 

“It could give the nuclear umbrella to terrorists or worse, it could actually give nuclear weapons to terrorists I believe it would put all of us in great peril,” he said. He added that in his 59 years of life — the modern Jewish state is only 61 years old — he has never seen the Arabs and Jews so closely share the same threat. 

Despite their agreements, Obama and Netanyahu appeared at odds over negotiations with Palestinians, as the U.S. leader called for a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians and Netanyahu made no mention of a nation for the Arab people.

Netanyahu did say Palestinians should govern themselves and he is ready to start talks right away as long as Palestinians immediately recognize the Jewish state.

Read the rest:


From The Washington Times:

Obama Gives Stern Warning To Iran

President Obama on Monday gave a stern warning to Iran to cease its pursuit of nuclear weapons, during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, citing “deepening concern” about Tehran’s progress toward nuclear capabilities.

“It is not in their interest to pursue a nuclear weapon and they should change course,” Mr. Obama said, sitting next to Mr. Netanyahu in the Oval Office.

The president said he was “not foreclosing a range of steps,” including stronger sanctions, “in ensuring Iran that we are serious.”

Mr. Netanyahu praised Mr. Obama as “a great leader” and thanked him for “leaving all options on the table” regarding Iran.

A nuclear-armed Iran, Mr. Netanyahu said, “would put us all in great peril.”

The highly anticipated first meeting between the two men went nearly two hours, almost double the amount of time set aside for them to talk. It was among the most high-profile, high stakes moments of Mr. Obama’s four-month old presidency.

Mr. Netanyahu’s ascent to power has ushered in a hardline Israeli government at a moment when fears are growing about the prospect that Iran may soon be capable of producing a nuclear weapon.

Israel already has carried out a surgical air strike on nuclear facilities in Syria less than two years ago, and that at the behest of government far less hawkish than the one now in power. The Pandora’s Box that many around the world hope to avoid is a similar or even more severe action by Israel against Tehran, which would likely set off a chain reaction of events.

Following Mr. Obama’s private meeting with Mr. Netanyahu in the Oval Office, their top advisers joined them for an expanded meeting, before reporters were brought in at the end of the meeting. The two leaders were scheduled to share a private lunch in the Old Family Dining Room, just off the State Dining Room.