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North Korea Kicks Out Nuclear Inspection Team; U.S. Responds

April 14, 2009

The International Atomic Energy Agency says North Korea is expelling its inspectors. The North has also told the U.N. nuclear watchdog that it is reactivating all of its nuclear facilities.

An IAEA statement Tuesday said North Korea has told inspectors to remove seals and cameras from the Yongbyon nuclear site and leave the country as quickly as possible.

The moves reflect anger at U.N. Security Council criticism of the country’s latest missile launch.

Associated Press, April 14, 2009

This picture, released from North Korea's official Korean ... 
This picture, released from North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency on April 9, 2009 shows a Unha-2 rocket, supposedly carrying an experimental communication satellite Kwangmyongsong-2, as it is launched from Hwadae-gun in North Korea on April 5. The UN Security Council was poised to adopt later Monday a non-binding statement censuring North Korea for its long-range rocket launch.(AFP/KCNA/File)

Understanding Obama: Big Talk, No Action on North Korea and Iran; No Talk, Kills Pirates

While We Watched Somalia, North Korea and Iran Moved Further Away From Nuclear Talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il (L) visits the Pyongyang Grand ... 
North Korean leader Kim Jong-il (L)

As North Korea spurned a U.N. condemnation, the Obama White House called on the reclusive communist nation Tuesday to “cease its provocative threats” and respect the international community’s will.Presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs said Pyongyang’s vow to restart its nuclear reactor and boycott international disarmament talks is “a serious step in the wrong direction.” He said the international community won’t accept North Korea “unless it verifiably abandons its pursuit of nuclear weapons.”

“We call on North Korea to cease its provocative threats, to respect the will of the international community, and to honor its international commitments and obligations,” President Barack Obama‘s chief spokesman said at his daily briefing with reporters.

His remarks came just as the International Atomic Energy Agency said North Korea is expelling its inspectors and has told the U.N. nuclear watchdog that it is reactivating all of its nuclear facilities.

North Korea is retaliating for the U.N. Security Council’s condemnation Monday of the country’s recent rocket launch. North Korea has tested a nuclear bomb, but had subsequently agreed to dismantle its nuclear program in return for massive fuel oil shipments arranged in talks with China, Russia, South Korea, the U.S. and Japan.

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