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Obama, Daschle and Socialized Medicine: Care of GE

May 12, 2009
Tom Daschle is back and working on nationalized healthcare. It’s obvious now, GE is a chosen winner by Obama who is choosing which companies win and lose based around his policies, and that doesn’t include the government has been buying GE’s bad paper. Daschle has been chosen as a board member of Healthymagination. GE will drive socialized medicine through a happy-named company.
Healthymagination will be in charge of the national patient database, which is established in the stimulus plan. The reports show that GE with Intel Corp is investing $6 billion to improve and make healthcare affordable through Healthymagination, and I have no doubt it is our money they are investing.
Healthymagination is founded by GE, and GE’s CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, sits on Obama’s team of economic advisers. Healthymagination’s landing page describes the company will change the way we approach healthcare, with more than 100 innovations all focused on addressing three critical needs, lowering costs, touching more lives, and improving quality
Let’s not forget Daschle is one of the hardest pushers of socialized medicine in this country. Socialized medicine will be controlled by the government with General Electric as its partner, who will make billions as your health care is sacrificed.

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GE’s other arm, Universal, which includes NBC and MSNBC, will make thousand of “commercials” touting the benefits of the healthymagination approach.  That’s called propaganda in Communist nations….

GE has also gotten more than $130 billion in FDIC bailout money….

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