Obama-logic: What if JFK had said: “That golf playing fool Ike left me a mess”

This juicy piece of Obama-logic came out of a student’s mouth just yesterday: “I should never have gotten into college because my high school teachers sucked so bad.”

Well, it’s “badly” not bad — so the teachers and the student both have flaws.

But blaming the other guy seems to be an Obama fixation that isn’t something we want to teach our kids.

Do you recall Winston Churchill going on about “Nevil Chamberlain got us into this…”

Neville Chamberlain

How about Harry Truman: “That S.O.B. never told me anything and now we find out he was playing with weapons of mass destruction.”

How about “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”

JFK might easily have said, “That golf playing fool Ike left me a mess…”

Did Lincoln carry on, “I told everyone Buchanan would get us into a Civil War!”

Well, we don’t teach American history the way we used to but we do demonize a lot in the history books the kids have now.  Prayer is bad.  Oil is bad.  Wall Street traders are bad. 

Sound like any politicans you know?

 Government jobs are good.  The environment is, as Nancy Pelosi said just yesterday, “the greatest challenge of our day.”  She said climate change is a “national security, economic, environmental health and moral issue.”

God must have annointed Nancy to tackle this challenge: never mind jobs and the economy and creating wealth.

Curing our climate problems and gaining government health care will bail us all out.

Really?  The rest of the world got rich on wind turbines and free medical care?

Barack Obama spent one of his hours as President of the United States attacking another President of the United States.

Obama’s speech wasn’t needed.  It only continued to stir up the pot that Obama himself stirred by releasing some of the government’s classified documents and Nancy Pelosi stirred by saying the CIA systematically and repeatedly lied to Congress.

If the speeech had a real purpose like spelling out the Obama plan to put all the prisoners somewhwere else to the satisfaction of Congressional lawmakers, I missed it.  Just after the speech, a dumbfounded Harry Reid said, “We still need a plan.”

This is good for the nation?  This is solving real problems: like the economy, the lack of jobs, and our crazy belief that cleaner air and government controlled health care will make the nation prosperous, create lots of high paying jobs?

I’ll give President Obama and Speaker Pelosi the Moral High Ground Award.  You’re both right.  Now shut up and get to work.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.  And the guys that made this mess…..

Even the newspapers in California decided to blame the wrong guy this week: attacking the stupidity of the voters.


California’s voters should recall their elected representatives and allow their newspapers to fail.

And American voters should, as we are past Obama’s 100 day point, be a little less tolerant of this self-righteous blame game that is not creating wealth or jobs….

Politicians should leave judgements of history to others.  They have a lot of tough work to do without tackling that…..

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