“Nobody liked it that we didn’t read the stimulus bill so we hired a speed reader for Waxman’s bill” – Congress

It seems so asinine that it should only be allowed in a movie like “Animal House.”  But it is in the nation’s House.  Nancy Pelosi’s House.  The House of Representatives.

The stimulus was $787 billion: the biggest spending bill ever in our 200 plus year history.  Yet it was rammed through Congress and no lawmaker admitted to reading it.

Now because, why, the world will end in September?  We have to ram through and enact as law a multi-billion dollar spending bill to lower carbon emissions into the air.

And OBVIOUSLY nobody has time to read and understand all this “jargon” before voting so we’ll hire a speed reader who will give us the Cliff Notes.

If this keeps up, torture will make a real come back and it won’t be confined to Gitmo….



The greenback may be headed for a tumble as intense selling is underway.

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