Hezbollah Has an Idea for Obama on Gitmo: Offers To Kill Prisoners

Here’s why Gitmo is so terrible: other people in other nations are appauled at the U.S. for such terrible places as Gitmo.

But in Lebanon today, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said what he would do to spies from Israel: he’d kill them.

“In the name of the families of martyrs, of the wounded and of those who lost their homes… I demand that the death penalty is handed down to the agents who provided information that lead to all these things,” Nasrallah, said while speaking via video-link to a rally in Lebanon rally.

The speech was meant to commemorate the ninth anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon.

See the Jerusalem Post:

They have an idea on the Vice President too:
Hezbollah to Obama: Please Take This Fool Biden Back

One Response to “Hezbollah Has an Idea for Obama on Gitmo: Offers To Kill Prisoners”

  1. p of v Says:

    You’re trying to juxtapose two completely different issues here. The only result is that you come out wrong on both.

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