Obama: Get Used to The Truth, You Were Wrong On Biden, Gitmo, What Else?

Barack Obama’s enchanted first 100 days are history and now we have to deal with stark reality.

In a tragedy, do you have any confidence that Joe Biden could be President?  Probably not.  How about Nancy Pelosi?

And so can you listen to any of these with confidence?

You’ve probably decided in your own mind already if there was torture at Gitmo, if the prison should be closed and if the military tribunals have any merit.

But Dick Cheney and Barack Obama will each make their case in public speeches today as if two lawyers in a courtroom.

National Security: Rove Praises Obama for Listening to CIA, Pentagon and Growing Weary of MoveOn, Code Pink and ACLU
So ask yourself this: Is Obama in a Gitmo cell himself and if so why?  Why do we have dueling speeches today?

It appears that on Gitmo, torture and the tribunals, Team Obama did a lot of yacking but not a lot of research and alternative evaluation.  Then they sent their budget to the Congress with a promise to figure it all out.

AP: Obama in political box over closing Guantanamo
See link below)

Congress hit the abort button: no blanck check with a promise to tell us the details later.

Some in Congress must be asking, why in hell did we issue such a huge blank check on the stimulus without knowing the details?

The same money sans details scenario is approaching with health care and cap and trade.

This is governing by speeches, deficit spending and attention-deficit-disorder.

What we expect Dick Cheney to say today is, because we have neglected the details we are less secure today than we were a few months ago.

That’s a tall charge of malfeasance: the White House doing its homework so badly that national security is in peril.

And that charge from Cheney should cause all of us to ask, what other projects still have “devils in the details” that haven’t been looked for and seen?

Iran?  Israel?

Jihadists from Gitmo Back in Terror War:

Obama ‘Distracted’ by Biden’s ‘Indiscipline,’ Book Asserts

Pelosi’s Congressional Team Worked Details of Stimulus, Health Care: Do You Trust Them?

White House: “It Was a Mistake” To Set Up Gitmo. Really?

Is Iran Ready For Lasting, Peaceful Dialogue?
Obama’s Biggest Gamble?
Has Obama given up on halting Iran?
Iran tests missile that could hit Israel, Europe

AP: Obama in political box over closing Guantanamo


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