Brits Welcome Obama’s Moral Stand on Gitmo; Just Distracted By Mega-Scandal in Parliament

Much has been made of the moral condemnation of the United States over Gitmo and the supoposed “torture.”  We just thought we might note that moral authority comes from, well, not Europe…..

Don’t forget: only three guys were waterboarded….


President Obama declared today that opening Guantánamo Bay was a mistake that encouraged terrorism and compromised America’s moral standing in the world as he reaffirmed his commitment to close it down despite setbacks in Congress.

The President said that keeping the military camp open was more dangerous than shutting it down and transferring the prisoners. “Let me be blunt there are no easy or neat answers here,” he said. “As President I refuse to allow this problem to fester, I refuse to pass it on to someone else.”

Yesterday, the Senate refused to finance the Obama Administration’s plan to close the military camp and transfer the suspects to American prisons.

From the Times, London
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From a reader of the ECONOMIST:

Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you fall, it is disheartening to see that the mother of all parliaments has so egregiously shameed itself and by extension the people. No more can the UK stand with any moral authrority and lecture the developing world of transperency and good governance, when it has turned its back on the very principles it took such delight in naming and shaming others to follow. The parliamnet’s on recourse was to oust and make a scapegoat of the Speaker and we they should all follow his example.

Michelle Malkin:

File:Palace of Westminster, London - Feb 2007.jpg


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