White House: “It Was a Mistake” To Set Up Gitmo. Really?

Robert Gibbs said at the Wednesday White House news brief that “It was a mistake” to set up the terrorist prison at Gitmo because of the adverse public opinion from Europe…..

The flip side of this coin is, of course, that it was a brilliant idea to set up Gitmo, especially as we see now that no state or nation will take these evil bad boys on to their own soil….

And it was also a brilliant idea to set up Gitmo because that is a location where military tribunals can be used…..

The only mistake from the Obama Administration and candidate Obama and most of the American people was to buy into the blather that Gitmo could and should be closed rapidly and the military tribunals could and should be dissolved and replaced by American court rooms…and that the Europeans were smarter than George Bush and Dick Cheney….

Time for Gibbs to grow up and get out of “never never land.”  And when he gets there he can educate Obama also….who just requested money to close Gitmo from his Democrat Congress and was rebuffed because he has no plan…no idea how to close Gitmo….after talking about doing so with out thinking for more than two years…..


Obama: Get Used to The Truth, You Were Wrong On Biden, Gitmo, What Else?

One Response to “White House: “It Was a Mistake” To Set Up Gitmo. Really?”

  1. The Strident Conservative Says:

    Democrats Find Religion About Gitmo Closing – Really?…

    In a 90-6 vote, the US Senate rejected President Obama’s request for funding to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and have committed to do so indefinitely until the “all-knowing one” shows that he “knows” what to do with th….

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