Obama’s Biggest Gamble?

Is Iran close to a nuclear weapon or many years away?

Is Iran close to long range missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons to Israel or Europe?

Obama wants to believe that Iran is a long way from achieving the nuclear weapons and the delivery system necessary to endanger the world.

And an “independent study” publicly released just this week said Iran was years away from the missile they need to endanger Europe — which means Russia, who has long opposed U.S. missile defense efforts in Europe can rest easy and Obama can save billions on defense spending.

Except for a few facts just revealed today.


Iran tested a missile capable of reaching into Europe and retired general Trey Obering, the last Pentagon top man on missile defense, said on the Fox News channel that the “independent study” publicly released just this week was made up of long-time opponents of missile defense who have a pro-Obama agenda…..

So we can hardly fault some experts who no longer believe that Obama worries about nukes and missiles from Iran and has a proper dialogue in place that will take care of the problem…..

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Ahmadinejad, whose moderate challengers in the June 12 vote accuse him of isolating Iran with his anti-Western speeches, said the country had the power to send any attacker “to hell.”

He has also famously said he would “wipe Israel from the map.”

Except he never says the word Israel.  He doesn’t recognize the nation’s right to exist.  It calls it the land of Zionists.

But he’ll certainly promise to disarm and mean it.  Of course he will….


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