Obama CAFE Standard, Auto Company Bailouts “Great For Government and Auto Makers.” Consumers?

I thought the customer was king?  No more. 

Interviewed on Fox News, Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Ford in Los Angeles said, “The president’s new fuel standards are a win-win for the government and the auto companies.”

Boeckmann seemed gleeful at what he had just said.

But what about the CONSUMER?  Not to mention the U.S. Union Auto Worker — an endangered species.

Here is the problem: we are no longer a free market economy.  And even the Ford dealer doesn’t care.  Because the manufacturer and the government get more money.  But each “consumer” will pay about $1,300 more, a conservative estimate, for a smaller, more dangerous car with less get up and go….

The government is happy because it gets more of your tax money because the car costs more and the auto maker doesn’t much care: the government owns them and has bailed them out for 30 years of bad decision making already…..

One small problem is this: the way the Obama economic recovery and stimulus are going, nobody can afford a new car…..

And once China starts building millions of new cars for export to the USA — with workers earning just a dollar or two an hour — Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Ford in Los Angeles better learn Chinese….

China will produce all the carbon, build all the cars, own all the U.S. debt and control all the money….

In Berry’s World Four Years Hence: China Will Be the Only Thriving Superpower

Detroit will be a ghost town.  Wait.  Detroit is already a ghost town….

Sayonara Detroit, UAW, high performance cars and auto safety…..and all those jobs…..


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