California: Why Liberal Media is Failing

NBC and MSNBC are struggling to find views and the New York Times is considering bankruptcy or sale.

Liberal media is failing and it isn’t hard to see why.

Yesterday, California’s voters rejected tax hikes to solve a budget shortfall.  Voters rejected all of the State House’s plans except to order limits to state pay checks.

Drastic, draconian measures are on the table: even bankruptcy.

Has the liberal media covered this extensively?

If the economy imploded and voters rejected all new taxes in Spain, Italy, or Russia: would that be in the top news?  You bet.  Even though those nations’ have a GDP about the same as California’s, the State of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger just experienced a real tea party; and the liberal media wants to ignore it…..Just as it has tried to do for months….

Americans want to know what is going on.  They don’t want to know what Barack found to be enchanting any more….

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