California Voters Reject Taxes, Spending, Big Government — Bluest State is Red in The Face

California is arguably the bluest of the blue states — the most liberal of all the 50 states.

But news from Na-Na Land today: the state’s voters reject more taxes, more spending and more bad government.

Voters said yesterday: guess what?  We can’t have it all because we can’t afford it.

California voters soundly rejected a package of ballot measures Tuesday that would have reduced the state’s projected budget deficit of $21.3 billion to something slightly less overwhelming: $15.4 billion.
Three thousand people are leaving California every week: many seeking lower taxes.

“Go West Young Man” has turned into “go back east or go back where we came from.”

The voters of California seemed to join the Tea Party Revolt on Tuesday.

Washington should take note….

Michelle Malkin:

California: Why Liberal Media is Failing
Calif Voters Order Govt Pay Cuts; No New Taxes, Gov Starts Slashing Budget, Services


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