While Obama Announces Oil Conservation Measures, China Surges Ahead To Gobble Up Available Reserves

China buys 300,000 barrels of Venezuelan crude every day, and is eager for more from the Latin American country as part of its global quest for a diverse range of energy supplies.

Today, Venezuela said to begin building the first joint Venezuelan-Chinese oil drilling platform in June, according to Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez.

China is buying up oil in Iran, Iraq, Russia, Africa and just about everywhere else.

China also has an extensive deep sea oil exploration effort ongoing which explains some of China’s recent high seas expansion and belligerence.

But not to worry: President Barack Obama will have us out of gas guzzling cars and into all kinds of fuel savers before long.

Obama can do this because he already owns a big chunk of Chrysler, will soon own GM, and may own Ford the way things are going.

The only profitable U.S. car company, Ford, produces the least efficient cars and will have to retool its fleet to meet the Obama standards….

China has a population of 1.3 billion and wants more oil to power its industry.  China now also produces more cars than the USA and wants to put Chinese butts in many new cars during the next ten years.  China is also boosting export of Chinese built cars around the globe and will export to the USA startuing next year….

The U.S. population is only 300 million but those folks will get to pay a lot more for cars that are said to be really clean and efficient…..

Above: Missile Destroyer Haikou 171 of the PLA Navy’s South China Sea Fleet.  She departed with two other Chinese warships on a mission to the Gulf of Aden near Somali on anti-pirate patrol in December.  Many in the West see this as a sign of renewed cooperation between China and other military powers.  Others see this move as practice for more far flung Chinese naval deployments.

China drill at sea


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is asking consumers to put their money — up to $1,300 per new vehicle by 2016 — behind his plan for higher efficiency standards for cars and trucks and tougher rules on their greenhouse gas emissions.

In return, Obama said Tuesday in unveiling the plan, drivers would make up the higher cost of more fuel-efficient, cleaner vehicles by buying less gas at the pump. It would take just three years to pay off the investment and would, over the life of a vehicle, save about $2,800 though better gas mileage, the president said.

While requiring that vehicle carbon dioxide emissions be reduced by about one-third by the target date, the plan also calls for the auto industry to build vehicles that average 35.5 miles per gallon. Government regulations have never before linked emission and fuel standards.

“The fact is, everyone wins,” Obama said during a Rose Garden ceremony attended by representatives of the auto industry and environmental groups as well as state and federal lawmakers.

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