Obama’s Immaculate Deception on Abortion at Notre Dame

We probably stand in the minority, believing that when it comes to a decision to kill or not kill a baby there should be no middle ground –as the president wants.

“We are guaranteed “life, liberty and” etc.  Without life and the protections afforded by the law to life, there can be nothing else.

No middle ground.

But Notre Dame offered and Obama accepted an honorary degree and an opportunity to speak — something Obama is eminently qualified to do.

Using lawyerly logic, he skipped right over the discussion of conception, and life, and the right to life and offered a “middle ground” —

Time Magazine’s Amy Sullivan likened Obama’s approach to “If you’re not with us, then let’s sit down over cookies and talk about it.”

Paul Kengor wrote for the Weekly Standard:

“This should have elicited gasps from an educated audience. After all, one of Obama’s first acts as president–on January 23, the day after the annual March for Life in Washington–was signing the Mexico City policy. That means that groups like International Planned Parenthood will be subsidized with taxpayer dollars to perform and promote abortion overseas–to vigorously push for legalization, at all stages of pregnancy, in countries that have banned the procedure. Under relentless assault are nations like Mexico itself, home of Our Lady of Guadalupe, an image every faithful Catholic knows.This unique form of American “foreign aid” was notably excluded from President John Jenkins’ reverential statement glorifying Obama’s commitment to human rights.”

Charles Krauthammer said on “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Monday night, “Obama pulled it off.”

Pass the cookies.

In the courtroom of the Catholic Notre Dame, students and faculty hailed their new savior as the articulate leader he is.

But to us, in the minority, there is blood on the president’s hands…..And we should know by now not to judge by his words but by his actions.


By Cal Thomas
The Washington Times

Put aside the question of whether a distinctly Catholic institution like Notre Dame should award an honorary degree to a man who stands against any restrictions on abortion. Put aside the notion of academic freedom, which liberals favor as an intellectual premise, but rarely practice when it comes to conservative speakers, whom you very rarely see at the lectern at any U.S. commencement ceremonies this time of year.

Focus, instead, on President Obama’s remarks and whether he is serious, or can be made so, about actually reducing the number of abortions in America, which, according to the National Right to Life Committee, has reached 50 million since its legalization in 1973.

Don’t put aside, however, the argument that there is only one reason to even want to reduce the number of abortions and that is that what is being killed, terminated, evacuated (choose your term) is, in fact, human life.

At Notre Dame, the president gave an eloquent and well-crafted speech, full of Christian rhetoric and self-deprecating humor. He made a strong case for civility in the abortion debate, but curiously noted the advance in civil rights legislation came only after confrontation, some of which turned violent. Without that confrontation, he seemed to suggest, there might not be laws that liberated blacks and made it possible for him to become president.

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