Let’s Vote: Do Americans Want To Continue Abortion or Not?

The hard political fact for abortion advocates is that in a society where words matter, the “pro-choice” movement is in reality what might be called the “no-choice” movement. Whatever else can be said about Roe v. Wade, the idea that a “woman’s right to choose” was freely chosen by Americans — as was true of every other basic right in the nation’s history — is fundamentally false. The American people have specifically been refused an opportunity to choose abortion policy. Instead, liberal activists chose to go through the courts. One suspects this is because abortion advocates fear an electoral result that in some fashion mirrors precisely the results Gallup has discovered — a majority opposed to the tenets of abortion as outlined in the judicial fiat that is Roe v. Wade.

Read the rest from the American Spectator:

Obama’s Immaculate Deception on Abortion at Notre Dame


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