In Berry’s World Four Years Hence: China Will Be the Only Thriving Superpower

We are staring to have this vision that four years from now all of America’s problems will be solved — except we’ll have no industry, overtaxed business will be struggling to survive and we’ll be burdened by a debt so large that “economic recovery” will be impossible all together.

We’ll have cleaner air and more people will have health insurance.  But the population will be declining and much poorer.

China will be the only super power.  And although China’s carbon emissions will be five times what they are now, the  GDP and living standard in China will be higher than ever — and taxes will be lower than ever.

Iran will have swallowed Israel and most of the Middle East so it can control the oil that is mostly going to Russia and China.

America, and most of Europe, will have stagnant economies that just struggle along but both will enjoy a kind of world leadership sanctity in doing the right thing.  Taxes will be way up: the sandard of living way down.  Drug use will skyrocket.  Most pregnancies will end in abortion.

Most Americans and Europeans will take their marching orders from the U.N.; but China will be the prosperous holdout to the world economy.

We’ll be in Berry’s World.  Obamaland.

I’m studying Chinese…..

While Obama Announces Oil Conservation Measures, China Surges Ahead To Gobble Up Available Reserves

Michelle Malkin:

Don’t swallow media distractions: see the real news:

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