Harry Reid Might Be Around A While Longer

Reid’s campaign clearly is predicated on two premises — clear the field of anyone who might be dangerous and raise a fortune in case anyone dangerous files. His team knows how weak the incumbent’s numbers are and how susceptible he is to a strong challenge.

By Jon Ralston
The Las Vegas Sun

Reid, who will appear with the president at the Colosseum at Caesars on May 26, also may have his fortunes tied inextricably to Obama’s. If the president is still doing well, if the economy is rebounding a year hence, Reid will benefit. If not, and if the GOP finds a real candidate, today’s languishing GOP locomotive could become Reid’s train to oblivion.

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From Politico

My colleague Alex Isenstadt wrote last week about the Republicans’ recruiting troubles in Nevada, where the party has still not found a viable challenger to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

But, despite their challenges, a new poll out today shows that Reid is still as vulnerable as ever, with 45 percent of voters saying they definitely would replace him, with only 35 percent saying they would re-elect him.

Only 38 percent of Nevada voters viewed Reid favorably, while 50 percent viewed him unfavorably – one of the lowest net favorability ratings for any Democratic senator. Even in Democratic-leaning Clark County (Las Vegas), a 42 percent plurality of voters said they wanted Reid replaced.

(The poll was conducted by the respected Mason-Dixon Polling & Research firm last week.)

The problem is, without a credible candidate, the GOP won’t be able to take advantage of Reid’s weak standing back home. Former GOP Rep. Jon Porter, considered the leading challenger, decided to take a pass on the race. And the state’s lieutenant governor, Brian Krolicki, was indicted on charges that he misused state funds during his tenure as state treasurer.

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Michelle Malkin:

Obama Refuses to Meet with Nevada Governor after Gov Says O Killed Vegas Tourism


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