Pelosi got “a blunt and harsh rebuke,” “thrown under bus”

“To have the person third in line to be president say that the CIA misleads us all the time is so utterly irresponsible and such an attack on the men and women who are risking their lives … that she disqualifies herself for being speaker of the House,” said Georgia Republican Newt Gingrich during an interview on Joe Scarborough’s radio show.

“This is not like an average member, this is not some back-bencher who’s allowed to, you know, say dumb things,” Gingrich added. “This person, the speaker of the House, has access to the nation’s secrets.”

Pelosi Is Now Obama’s Biggest Anchor, Liability

Of course that leaves Vice President Biden, who is apparently allowed to say dumb things all the time… and is always forgiven….

Should Speaker Pelosi be worried?  Bill Kristol says “I think so.”

“He [Panetta] had White House authorization to put Pelosi in her place,” Kristol said.

Panetta’s memo on Pelosi “was a blunt and harsh rebuke of the Speaker of the House,” Kristol said, “from her own party, and probably with the blessing of the White House Chief of Staff.”

Leon Panetta and Rahm Emanuel are both Democrats and former House members.

“Pelosi was thrown under the bus,” said Senator Kit Bond on Fox News on Monday afternoon.

But at Monday’s press briefing, Robert Gibbs said President Barack Obama retains confidence in Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) amid the uproar over whether she was informed in 2002 about the CIA’s use of harsh interrogation techniques…..

Pelosi, Panetta and Rahm Emanuel

NYT Never Heard of ACORN or Pelosi’s CIA Dispute or Plagiarism….

Michelle Malkin:

One Response to “Pelosi got “a blunt and harsh rebuke,” “thrown under bus””

  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    As if we didn’t already know that the CIA lies a lot. As if we didn’t already know that the CIA has been involved in things the rest of us would describe as terrorism.

    Pelosi is being scapegoated.

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