Obama arm-twisting Israel for an untenable two-state solution?

Will the decades-long alliance between the United States and Israel fall victim to the Obama administration’s naive quest for instant peace in the Middle East?

President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to meet today. But the White House seems to be engaging in calculated alienation of the Israelis, shutting down communications with Israeli diplomats and media.

By Ariel Cohen
The Washington Times

For example, when Israeli President Shimon Peres visited Mr. Obama at the White House, senior adviser David Axelrod – not Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton – sat in. Mrs. Clinton, it seems, is “too pro-Israel.” When the meeting ended, there was no press conference for the Nobel-winning Israeli elder statesman.

In another diplomatic slight, Israel is not on the itinerary for the president’s June trip to the Middle East. Mr. Obama will go to Egypt to deliver a major speech to the Muslim world and swing through several other states in the region. Jerusalem doesn’t rate a visit.

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