NYT Never Heard of ACORN or Pelosi’s CIA Dispute or Plagiarism….

Journalism schools teach apprencice writers not to “bury the lead.”

The New York Times teaches liberal writers to simply bury negative stories.

Last week after Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of lying to Congress, the story was on page A 18 of the New York Times.  In the Strait Times of Singapore, the story was page 1 news.

That goes for all other reputable world newspapers.

But the New York Times departed tha land of the reputable a long time ago.

Bad news for ACORN?  The New York Times couldn’t make it pan out: even though a bunch of different state attorney generals did make it turn out….

Minority Leader John Boehner said Nancy Pelosi “ought to either present the evidence or apologize'” in the wake of her comments that CIA officials misled her about the use of controversial interrogation techniques on terrorist suspects.

News in The New York Times?

They apparently never heard of John Boehner or Nancy who?

White House Works To Bury Pelosi-CIA Story, New York Times Complies


The kicks, made by high-end French fashion label Lanvin, cost $540. Ernst/Reuters

Michelle’s shoes, made by high-end French fashion label Lanvin, cost $540. This is not a story you’ll see in the NYT…..

On Maureen Dowd’s NYT Plagiarism:

A statement supporting Dowd from spokesperson Diane McNulty at the NYT read as follows (read, plagiarism is OK with us now).

Maureen had us correct the column online as soon as the error was brought to her attention, adding in the sourcing to Marshall’s blog. We ran a correction in today’s paper,  referring readers to the correct version online.

There is no need to do anything further since there is no allegation, hint or anything else from Marshall that this was anything but an error. It was corrected. Journalists often use feeds from other staff journalists, free-lancers, stringers, a whole range of people. And from friends. Anyone with even the most passing acquaintance with Maureen’s work knows that she is happy and eager to give people credit.



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