Numb skulls at the top: Obo, Biden and Pelosi; Dumb, Dumber and the Other

My Aussie friend said recently, “Keep your sense of humor, Mate, you’ve got numb skulls at the top.”

The top Yank has now proven to be, depending upon your point of view, a pragmatic realist or a flip flopper.

We’ll close Gitmo.  We’ll end military tribunals.  We’ll get out of Iraq (and fast).  We’ll release photos of “torture” and detainee “abuse.” I didn’t hear Jeremiah Wright.  There’s middle ground on killing or not killing babies.

We can spend borrowed money to create jobs, cure the environment, get global education and health care and never mind the debt….

The L.A. Times says this all makes Obama a hero: he has learned what to say just when he needs to say it, then shrugs and says, ce’est la vie….

Joe Biden has now disclosed the location of the “secret undisclosed location.”  Now it is not secret or undisclosed: it is just a location like any other.

Biden’s mouth gets him into hot water but what he said about his basement may have violated the law: if the location was a “classified” place, well, Biden’s future secret undisclosed location could be Leavenworth.

Except that Biden is a know serial sayer of stupid stuff and everyone forgives him.

Even in advance.

Nancy Pelosi may have accused the CIA of breaking the law by saying they lied or witheld the truth from Congress.

She’s number three in line — after dumb and dumber.

Keep your sense of humor!

Obama Must Be Lonely At The Top

L.A. Times:
Obama puts pragmatism over promises


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