Energy Dept Hired Contractors That Helped Make Stimulus Bill To Clean Up Nuke Waste

“Shovel ready” because the contractor hiring the guys with the shovels also wrote the stimulus….under Nancy opelosi’s supervision….


EnergySolutions Inc. will get a share of $6 billion in federal stimulus funds earmarked to clean up low-level radioactive waste.

The Salt Lake City company is specifically named in more than half of the project proposals for the Energy Department’s stimulus money. Those projects include large government cleanups of the nation’s nuclear-weapons complex in Hanford, Wash.; Oak Ridge, Tenn.; and Savannah River, S.C.

Company CEO Steve Creamer recently told investors that the disposal firm campaigned to be included.

Waste from the projects would be disposed of in Utah.

Information from: The Salt Lake Tribune


A private company was being paid $300 million by the federal government to clean up radioactive waste at two abandoned Cold War plants in Tennessee when an ironworker crashed through a rotted floor. That prompted a major safety review, which ended up forcing work to an abrupt halt, and the project was shut down for months. The delay and a host of other problems caused cost estimates to rise, eventually hitting $781 million.

Now, President Obama’s stimulus package is opening a bountiful stream of new funding, and the same contractor, Bechtel Jacobs, is slated to get $118 million to help complete the job.

The Energy Department has begun releasing more than $6 billion in stimulus money to clean up 18 nuclear sites from New York to California, more than doubling the typical yearly funding for the program. Contractors helped shape the stimulus package and are lined up to get the work, including many that have been cited for serious safety violations and costly mistakes.

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