Angry California Votes On $15-21 Billion Deficit; Govt Employees Highest Paid, Gov Threatens to Close Fire Stations, State Already Gets Over $90 B of Stimulus

The State of California has the eighth largest budget of any country in the world….

But the state also has among the world’s biggest and most highly compensated government work forces….

The only segments of the California economy that are growing are the government and health care…..

California gets 12% of the $787 billion federal stimulus…..That’s about $94.4 billion….

The “Golden Bear” has wasted its  Golden Share?  Shelves are Bare at the Golden Bear?


Tuesday, California voters will decide on six statewide propositions during a special election.

If the voters don’t save a bunch of money for the state, the Governor says he’ll close prisons and fire stations….

Police stations are being closed or consolidated….

“Maybe California should end its sea otter project,” Fox News’ Glen Beck thinks….

File:Sea otter cropped.jpg

The propositions concern alterations to the California lottery, funding for education and mental health services and a prevention of pay increases during budget deficit years for lawmakers — all in an effort to ease the strain on the state’s budget deficit.

Get to know more about Prop. 1A to Prop. 1F with’s voter guide.

A lot of other states are also in deficit trouble, including New York and Vermont…..In fact, 47 of the 50 states have serious budget shortfalls which cumulatively top $300 billion….

Fed Tells California: Can’t Cut Pay of Union Jobs To Save Budget; Threatens Loss of Stimulus Money

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