Pelosi’s “Unforced Error” a Gift to Republicans?

The furor over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s accusations against the Central Intelligence Agency serves a purpose beyond finding out how the United States came to embrace torture. The San Francisco Democrat, deeply partisan and often ridiculed, offers Republicans their best shot yet at blocking a popular president whose poll numbers have so far defied gravity.

By Carolyn Lochhead
San Francisco Chronicle

The uproar comes just as President Obama is heading into a transformative fight over health care, with Pelosi as his chief lieutenant. It also finds Obama suddenly playing defense on terror issues, reversing himself on releasing detainee photos and on ending military commissions, even as his CIA director, Leon Panetta, sought to calm enraged employees.

Ironically, the controversy has come down to a credibility test pitting Pelosi, whose modus operandi has never been known to include lying, against the Central Intelligence Agency, an institution deeply damaged by the use of flawed intelligence to invade Iraq and now on the defensive for its use of torture.

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