Obama; Why Notre Dame?

Tucker Carleson joined Fox News Channel this morning and opened with a question on the minds of many.  For Obama, why Notre Dame?

“Why Notre Dame?  It makes no sense.  He could give the commencement address at any college, why Notre Dame?” Carlson asked.

“Obama can be expected to address the controversy head on,” said NBC News correspondent John Harwood.

“He’ll talk about abortion,” Harwood said.  “He won’t stand up for Pelosi.”

For me it is a broader issue: could the leadership of Notre Dame be so dense not to realize that this was not just another president comming for commencement.  This was the North Star of Abortion for advocates of baby killing and stem cell research.

This has become President Obama’s commencement on abortion and the Catholic Church.  Lost here are the graduates, alumni and people of faith that love Notre Dame. 

Moreover, Notre Dame is now a campaign stop: just as the trip to Iowa on Earth day became a campaign stop and the trip to the Caterpillar factory to tout the stimulus became a campaign stop.

So our question here at Peace and Freedom is two-fold.  For Notre Dame: why Obama?  Why incite bad blood on graduation day?  Why give the pro-abortion president or any pro-abortion man or woman the Notre Dame stage on this day? 

And for Obama we think we know the answer: just being at Notre Dame means he is on a mission of middle ground outreach that is like an embrace to and from the Catholic Church. 
Many Americans, especially non-Catholic Americans, see Notre Dame as the Catholic Church.  But in fact, Notre Dame is often criticized for being too overly liberal.

But for Obama, that aura of Notre Dame as the Catholic Church, is helpful.  Maybe even essential in future political battles.
Notre Dame is a gift that fell into the lap of a calculating Obama political team.

Pro-life groups should make Obama regret his decision….

Notre Dame is being used.  Inviting Obama to Notre Dame at this moment is a matter of life and death.

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The University of Notre Dame says its invitation doesn't mean the university agrees with all of Obama's positions.




One Response to “Obama; Why Notre Dame?”

  1. gopmom Says:

    Obama will take any honor you’re wiling to bestow – especially if it comes wrapped up in extra coverage on the nightly news, as if that were possible. He has shown no ability to recognize his moral failures of the past, why should now be any different? What he has shown is a constant ability to tolerate the most repugnant of people, policies and behaviors when it serves him. There is no consistent message because there is no consistent morality. The Obama message has to change everyday because the world, the situation, the polls, change everyday. Therefore, nothing is sacred, nothing is non-negotiable, nothing is written in stone. Everything is relative, everything is based on achieving the best possible outcome – for Obama.

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