Archbishop: Notre Dame Made a Mistake; Protesters Should Be Peaceful, Prayerful, Pro-Life

The Most Reverend John J. Meyers, Archbishop of Newark, said today that Notre Dame made a mistake by awarding an honorary degree to President Barack Obama.

But he urged faithful catholics to use the moment as a teaching point on life, prayer and peace.

“The lesson to be taught is that Notre Dame and the Church are for life,” he said on Fox News Channel. “Notre Dame made a mistake in awarding the degree.  And protesters should be peaceful and prayerful in the protest.”

“This puts Notre Dame in a situation of self made stress,” Meyers said. “It is an awkward position.”

In other words, it’s an unforced error by Notre Dame: not the president.

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The University of Notre Dame says its invitation doesn't mean the university agrees with all of Obama's positions.


One Response to “Archbishop: Notre Dame Made a Mistake; Protesters Should Be Peaceful, Prayerful, Pro-Life”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Yeah. So? When has anyone blamed Pres. Obama for getting the scrap of paper? I’ve only heard people – rightly – complaining about Notre Dame giving it to him.

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