“Pelosi’s gone too far. She’s opened Pandora’s Box.” Offered Lie Detector

Senator Kit Bond (R-Missouri) has told Fox News he will launch an investigation into PelosiTruthGate and get to the bottom of the Speaker’s accusation that the CIA lied about waterboarding to Congress.

Bond said he would polygraph or give a lie detector to Pelosi if she agreed.

Kit Bond
Kit Bond

“I think her accusations against our terror-fighters are irresponsible and, according to the CIA’s record, Speaker Pelosi was briefed on what had been done,” said  Bond, the senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee. “It’s outrageous that a member of Congress would call our terror-fighters liars.”
Pelosi’s only statement today about PelosiTruthGate was a memo from her sent to news media to offer her praise for the work of the CIA…..

“My criticism of the manner in which the Bush administration did not appropriately inform Congress is separate from my respect for those in the intelligence community who work to keep our country safe,” it said.

On “Special Report” on Fox News Channel host Brett Baier asked if Pelosi was in trouble.

“I think this could go far,” said columnist Charles Krauthammer. “This is no longer just Republicans against Democrats.  This is now about the CIA vs. Pelosi.”

He also said, “He [Obama] started this by releasing the memos.”

A CIA friend told Peace and Freedom, “Pelosi’s gone too far.  She’s opened Pandora’s Box.”

Pelosi got “a blunt and harsh rebuke,” “thrown under bus”

Pelosi Is Now Obama’s Biggest Anchor, Liability

Golden Gate Bridge
Spanning the truth: PelosiTruthGate

PelosiTruthGate: Did CIA Lie About Torture To Congress? Time To Find Out Or Fire Pelosi


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