PelosiTruthGate: Did CIA Lie About Torture To Congress? Time To Find Out Or Fire Pelosi

If the Central Intelligence Agency, the nations top intelligence collection agency, is or has been lying the Congress, that is one of the most serious dangers in our democracy.

If the Congress is not fulfilling its role in “oversight” and “checks and balances” that is an equally serious allegation.

And if the Speaker of the House, any Speaker of the House, is lying about such a serious national security matter, that Speaker needs to step down.

This is now a new Watergate. PelosiTruthGate.

If the CIA lied about torture, did it lie about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  Did we go to war based upon a lie?

This is serious stuff.  Nothing could be more serious.

We need to get to the bottom of this.

It’s now that simple.

The New York Times buried this story on page A18 today: which removes this organization from the realm of honest journalism.

The nation’s largest left-wing newspaper is counting its last days

Meanwhile, the Washington Post, to its credit, has prepared a special editorial on the CIA-Pelosi-Truth affair, which is on the Internet now and will appear in print on Saturday.

This is a big issue and a big story, and even the White House is hoping it will (and trying to make it) go away.

Which means we have even more reason to get to the bottom of this serious issue…..

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