Pelosi’s Self-Torture; An Unforced Error

“An unforced error” is what columnist Fred Barnes called Pelosi’s attack on the CIA yesterday — a day Pelosi chose to make herself the poster child on how Congress doesn’t work.

In the system of checks and balances, the Executive makes decisions based upon laws made by Congress and judged by the judiciary.

In this case, the Bush White House moved quickly to prevent further attacks after 9/11 and asked the Justice Department for their opinion.  Then the executive had the responsible agency, the CIA, brief Congress to allow the system of checks and balances to work.

No objections came from the Congress at the time — between 2002 and 2003 — but now Nancy Pelosi objects.  At first she objected that she wasn’t briefed.  She was.  Now she objects that the CIA lied.  It didn’t.

So now the top Democrat in the Congress, the Speaker of the House, the next in line for the presidency should the president and vice president perish, has created a problem for herself and shown all 6th grade students of American government exactly how it is not supposed to work….


From The Wall Street Journal

Given House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s acknowledged skill at torturing the Bush Administration in recent years, it no doubt afforded her critics some pleasure yesterday to watch her twist in the wind in front of the press over what she knew and when about the CIA’s terrorist interrogations. With mockery even from Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, Mrs. Pelosi has turned herself into a spectacle about a subject that she and fellow Democrats had themselves reduced to a spectacle of demagogic accusation and blame, repeatedly threatening to put Bush officials in the dock for “condoning torture.”

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