Notre Dame is In My Blood; Allowing ND To Be “Used” Offends Me

I am a Notre Dame graduate.  My Dad and his brother, my uncle, graduated from Notre Dame.  My two brothers and some cousins and nephews graduated from Notre Dame.  And my relatives at Notre Dame go back to Father William Corby, a Civil War chaplain of the Irish Brigade and president of Notre Dame (twice).

I am offended that Notre dame has allowed itself to be “used” in a matter of faith, culture and politics.  Maybe this is too complex for the clergy at Notre Dame, but I can assure them that Rahm Emanuel is gloating over the picture he’ll get on Sunday of Barack Obama in front of Notre Dame symbols, like the Golden Dome or the University Crest.

Like it or not, Notre Dame has signed up to lending its image to a politician.  And not just any politician.  Barack Obama is one of the most pro-abortion politicians in America.

And Notre Dame’s excuse: that we allow all kinds of points of view, is lame.

This is not a debate on campus.  It is a one-way communication that the seniors and the nation will hear on graduation day.  The President is using Notre Dame and Notre Dame is giving its blessing….And many Americans will see this as a Catholic blessing of Obama and a fall back on the support of life by Catholics — the Catholic Church.
Just being at Notre Dame means the president is on a mission of middle ground outreach that is like an embrace to and from the Catholic Church. 

That’s fine: if the president was genuinely pro-life.
Many Americans, especially non-Catholic Americans, see Notre Dame as the Catholic Church.  But in fact, Notre Dame is often criticized for being too overly liberal.

But for Obama, that aura of Notre Dame as the Catholic Church, is helpful — maybe even essential in future political battles.
Notre Dame is a gift that fell into the lap of a calculating Obama political team.

The University of Arizona refused to offer Obama an honorary degree.  Notre Dame plunged ahead anyway.

At Georgetown, White House staffers covered symbols of Jesus.  Yet Notre Dame stood by silently.

It offends me and I decided not to be silent.

John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

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The University of Notre Dame says its invitation doesn't mean the university agrees with all of Obama's positions.



Conservative Thought Not Wanted At Colleges

From Fox News

“The colleges have been transformed,” said David Horowitz, whose organization, Students for Academic Freedom, tracks ideological bias on campus. “They’re now these partisan institutions. They’re not going to change.”

Horowitz ran a study in 2003 that looked at commencement speakers at 32 top institutions in the U.S. for the previous 10 years. He found that liberals and Democrats were favored over conservatives by a ratio of 15-1. And then he stopped counting.

“It’s permanent. It’s not going to change, partly because there’s so little attention being paid to it,” he told

Read the rest:

2 Responses to “Notre Dame is In My Blood; Allowing ND To Be “Used” Offends Me”

  1. josiahe Says:

    Good for you!

    If I were not a thousand miles away, and on a fixed income, I’d be there in person; understand, I walked away from Catholicism as a teen, and it was a long journey coming back to believing in Jesus, but I know that there are many to whom the walk of faith, as a Catholic, is still important.

    It’s too bad most of the students do not understand that!

    Looking back, over the years, I wish I had better understood the morality and relevance of the Civil Rights era when it was happening; as a newly-wed, I was too caught up in school and other aspects of day to day living.

    There are causes worth going to jail for, and there are those who understood, . . . like Goodman, Schwerner, and Cheney; these students graduating Notre Dame now, will have to look back on this as their failure!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Yes, good for you for speaking out. The critics say this is a small group who opposes and demonstrates, but I disagree! For each one who is there at the gates, there are many more who cannot be there in person. One Catholic blog described this whole episode as picturing the battle between “Our Lady” and the devil; good comparison. Those of us who have been around a while know that we are in a war on earth, the likes of which we have not seen before. Thank God we know who wins, it just may be difficult getting to that point.

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