NYT: Pelosi Accusations of CIA Lying on Page A18; Wash Post Makes Special Editorial; White House Dodges Questions

Where there’s smoke, there is usually fire.

Especially when the White House and the New York Times see no smoke but everyone else including the Washington Post (remember, they broke the Watergate story) sees smoke and fire.

If the Speaker of the House accuses the CIA of lying to Congress in time of war, is that news? 

We think so.

But you would have found that story on page A18 of today’s New York Times…..

I guess New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny’s question about what has most “surprised,” and “enchanted” President Barack Obama — a question the NYT used to chew up scenery and time at the White House 100 day news conference — pretty well set the tone for this newspaper this year.


Sen. Kit Bond Offers Pelosi Lie Detector; Speaker Praises CIA; Bond Promises Inquest

A free and impartial news media, it seems to us, is a critical part of the American democracy.

Clearly, the Pelosi-CIA story was top news on Thursday as we noted on Peace and Freedom: it was the top story on the BBC and around the globe — bumping even President Obama to the back of the bus.

Pelosi Squashes Obama’s Message

The New York Times and other media outlets decided to bury the story for what we believe are political motivations.

This means we can no longer trust the New York Times; if anybody ever did…..

Tea Parties Must Be Important: NYT Continues Snide Comments On Saturday
Panetta: CIA “briefed truthfully on the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, describing ‘the enhanced techniques’” to Congress
“The Obama White House Press Corps is In Love”


The Washington Post
Saturday, May 16, 2009

THE QUESTION that matters about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and waterboarding is not just what the California Democrat knew and when she knew it — but also why this matters in the broader debate over torture.

Ms. Pelosi had insisted that she was never informed that the Central Intelligence Agency was waterboarding detainees, as opposed to knowing that the practice was among the “enhanced interrogation techniques” approved for possible use. But on Thursday, she acknowledged that she was told by her CIA-briefed aide in February 2003 that waterboarding had taken place. At the same time she maintained that in an earlier September 2002 briefing the CIA told her that waterboarding “was not being employed.” Asked if she were accusing the CIA of lying to her at that briefing, Ms. Pelosi said “yes, misleading the Congress of the United States.” Ms. Pelosi’s recollection conflicts with the CIA’s account of the briefing.

You don’t have to buy into the over-the-top attacks by Ms. Pelosi’s opponents — former speaker Newt Gingrich, characterized her comments as “the most despicable, dishonest and vicious political effort I’ve seen in my lifetime” — to believe that it matters if the speaker of the house is misstating or shading the truth on an important issue. Ms. Pelosi’s shifting accounts and faltering performance at a Thursday press conference are far from reassuring. At the same time, if Ms. Pelosi’s version of the 2002 briefing is correct — and former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), then ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, has said he was not told about waterboarding in a separate briefing during the same time frame — then there was a disturbing breakdown in keeping lawmakers apprised of intelligence activities. If Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Graham are mistaken, then the CIA is being done a disservice.

Read the rest:



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