Pelosi Vehemently Challenges CIA’s Account of Briefings To Her on Waterboarding; Agency “Lied to Congress”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi came out swinging against the CIA today in the dispute about briefings to her in 2002-2003 on the waterboarding of detainees.

“The CIA should release the briefs,” she said.

“The only mention of waterboarding in the briefing was that it was not being employed,” she told reporters, reading from a prepared statement — twice for emphasis.
The Speaker said she was not properly informed of the waterboarding before it occurred and that the agency lied to Congress…..

Pelosi again called for a “Truth Commission” on torture to get all the facts on the table…..

See video:

“We were told specifically that waterboarding was not being used,” Pelosi said.

“Subsequently other memebers were informed.  But I did not get that briefing,” she said.

On the CIA she said, “They misrepresent every step of the way.”

Said Bill Sammon on Fox News, “She is about to find out what happens to someone who accuses the CIA of lying.”

Sammon said the CIA keeps meticulous records on all their briefings inside and outside the Agency.

“She’s in trouble,” said Sammon.  “The focus on the torture debate is now on Pelosi.”

“She has opened up a box she doesn’t want opened,” by accusing the CIA of lying, said Pete Seat, a former Bush White House spokesman.

“Push back from the CIA is very fast, and very harsh,” said Catherine Herridge of Fox News.  “They stand by their briefings and their documents.”

“The CIA takes great offense that the Speaker of the House would accuse them of lying,” she said.

John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
Pelosi Derails Obama Agenda; Obama Needs To Ask Her To Resign


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. gestures during a news ...
Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency

4 Responses to “Pelosi Vehemently Challenges CIA’s Account of Briefings To Her on Waterboarding; Agency “Lied to Congress””

  1. AV1 Says:

    Funny how the Democrats seem to know nothing when questioned but they are now runnung our nation. have you seen the CNN video Bailout; Banks had no choice:

    This probably will be the next thing the Democrats have no knowledge of.


  2. no2liberals Says:

    I may have lost count, but isn’t this her sixth different position on this matter?
    Which one is the truth, or has that position been iterated yet?
    She may be going under the bus, very soon.

  3. KC Says:

    When is Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her cronies in the House of Representatives going to wake up and realize that the American People are not stupid!
    Her behavior,words, and leadership is a disgrace to the office she represents. Lying, cheating, hate mongering, and fear mongering are all these people know.
    When will we be able to vote for intelligent and honest people who stop trying to control every aspect of our lives and govern in the way our founding fathers intended….oh wait… the media would destroy any common decent human being who disagreed with their line of thinking…once again we move toward the lowest of intelligence in power.

  4. CitzCom Says:

    Pelosi!!?? WTF…is she insane…

    She is totally lying, you do not have to be a body language expert to figure it out. My inclination is to suspect she will, at the very worse, lose her speakership…

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