Pelosi Derails Obama Agenda; Obama Needs To Ask Her To Resign

Madame Speaker, please resign now.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has now become more than a distraction.  She has risen above that.  Pelosi is now a dangerous distraction to the Obama agenda that gives life to the Republicans and emboldens dissent on every issue she and the Democrats are pushing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she was misled about the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques."

Above: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she was misled about the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

The president needs to ask Pelosi to resign. Now.

Pelosi is doing more harm than the former head of GM, who Obama gleefully discharged.

From May 19:
Pelosi Is Now Obama’s Biggest Anchor, Liability

If Obama does not do that — if he fails to ask Pelosi to step down or he delays action — he will harm his own chances of future success.

Keeping the interrogation debate fueled, as Pelosi did today, can easily kill all chances to get a health care bill this year.

If the president asks for Pelosi to resign, he still has some hope of getting his agenda and his administration back on track.

Pelosi took the lead on the “stimulus” earlier this year, and so far Obama has not taken any heat for the sorry details contained in that bill.

Now Pelosi has said she’ll be the lead sled dog on health care: which should not please Obama, Rahm Emanuel or any red blooded American one bit.

This is a time for Democrat discipline — a trait that party is not known for.

By keeping Pelosi, Obama risks undisciplined, lurching action in the House of Representatives — where he enjoys a huge Democrat majority that should be translating into rapid fire, disciplined action on all front.

In stead, it is now a safe bet that Republicans will join Pelosi in her request for a “Truth Commission” — and that train can go in any number of uncontrollable and unpredictable paths.

Pelosi has mixed politics and national security and national intelligence issues into an untenable Gordian Knot.

Her own staff has already threatened other Democrats not to initiate ethics complaints.

Pelosi has only been allowed to continue her questionable practices because of an understanding, all Obama loving media.

Ms. Pelosi has abused her office and sacrificed what little confidence the American people had in the Congress to change the tone and move forward: not look back.

And she has done so by lying and by asking us all to lose trust and faith in the American intelligence service…..

Pelosi Vehemently Challenges CIA’s Account of Briefings To Her on Waterboarding; Agency “Lied to Congress”
Congressional Democrats Warned Against Ethics Investigations of Other Dems
Pelosi Squashes Obama’s Message
CIA Enhanced Interrogation Technique Memos Requested By Cheney Will Not Be Made Public
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Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency

3 Responses to “Pelosi Derails Obama Agenda; Obama Needs To Ask Her To Resign”

  1. B. Gris Says:

    Plain and simple,throw the bitch out. I haven’t trusted Pelosi since she claimed to the entire country, “There’s a new sheriff in town”. Check under the old hags skirt, she may be telling the truth. (What a putrid thought)

    She’s an incapable speaker, unable to even field a few simple questions from the press w/o going to pieces. What were the democrats think when they put her in the speaker of the house post? This is one major nitwit that doesn’t have the capacity to be in the position she’s in. I hate to use the “B” word, but she’s the queen of them all. Can you imagine waking up to that every morning. I’d rather sleep with the pigs out in the barn.

  2. B. Gris Says:

    Pelosi’s not derailing Obama’s agenda, She’s derailing the entire democratic party. How dare she claim the CIA to be lying to congress. On the other hand, with a jerk like her in congress, the CIA would do well to keep her at bay. How could you trust a loud mouth fool like that?

    I’d love to hear what the rest of the world thinks of that dimwit.

  3. Jody Says:

    Once again the speaker of the house has participated in blatant reputation ruination, but now she has her sights set on thousands of US employees at the CIA. Her accusation is that the CIA is constantly engaged in lying to the US Congress, and she was never informed about enhanced interrogation the CIA would be using on the enemy. This low blow is aimed at an easy target. The CIA is a branch of the government she feels is vulnerable because everyone hates and fears the CIA, which has been vilified throughout its history, whether through movies, books, TV, news papers and others, it has been portrayed as the enemy and not as a protector of the people.

    The speaker has issued so many conflicting and misleading remarks and releases on this issue, that the old proverb still fits ” if it smells like it, if it feels like it, if it looks like it , IT IS IT. ” Many facts, and testimony by our leaders in the know, who have been at the CIA briefings and meetings (with the speaker, on enhanced interrogation techniques that were to be used), have come to the surface, that show and prove that the speaker is misrepresenting the truth, in other words she has LIED repeatedly, to further her agenda, to slander, to destroy careers and endanger lives.

    It is time to say goodbye to her type and the outrageous way she conducts her politics and represents her constituency. She has endangered our families, for the last time. She must go, she must resign. The only way is for the population, me and you, to write our congress people, to demand the speaker resign, we must do it now.

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