Obama Gets Pragmatic, Learning As He Goes

President Obama’s decision not to release photos of detainees abused while in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan is potentially representative of an important change in the way this administration handles politically sensitive subjects.

Until very recently, the president has displayed a tendency to make decisions on weighty matters by instinct. For all of his hyped “thoughtfulness,” as president, Obama has been less than intellectual in his approach. 

When it came to crafting a stimulus bill, the White House could hardly be bothered to check the details. That was left to the Democratic leadership in the House. The president was Billy Mays, out there selling the thing with a huge smile and a glimmer in his eye. But unlike Mays, he hadn’t even tested the product he was pitching. In fact, he pitched it before he even saw it. 

By Andrew Cline
American Spectator

The president announced major decisions on stem cell research and abortion funding as if he were announcing that he’d decided to have soup for lunch instead of a sandwich. There was not even an attempt to show that serious thought had gone into the matters. The stated reasoning behind the stem cell decision was so convoluted that clearly no serious thought had gone into it, other than to pick the right political jargon. 

The president’s knee-jerk reaction on AIG bonuses was so ridiculous that he had to take it back almost immediately. 

But lately, it seems that we’ve begun to see a shift away from the instantaneous application of reactionary liberal positions and toward a more pragmatic approach. 

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Unfortunately, we do not yet share Mr. Cline’s  positive view of the Obama “learning by bad government” theory….

Obama Gets It Both Ways: Detainee Abuse Photos Likely To Be Released Anyway

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