Glenn Beck Says ACORN Ninjas Are Trying to Kill Him

Just in case there was any doubt as to Glenn Beck’s status as a paranoid charismatic who regards himself as a Christ-like figure, last night he predicted his own assassination on television.

Glenn.jpg Glenn Beck image by umfan23

It’s pretty straightforward, really: ACORN is an international conspiracy of poor people who threaten to take over the world with shoddy voter registrations. Anyone who speaks out against ACORN—including a dissident member of the organization’s Washington, D.C., arm who recently appeared on Beck’s show—is “in danger.”

Read the rest and see the video:

“Democratic Party is Bought and Paid For By The Unions” Lawmaker Says
California Says Unions Have Inappropriate Influence With Obama Administration
ACORN Is In The News Again: New Charges of Falsifying Voter Registrations; Quota System, Union Ties

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