Conservatives Need To Recommit to Conservative Values

Republicans seem to be in a debate about what they believe in.  That is the issue.  Some person or persons will step forward to lead, we expect, from a pool to include the likes of Governors Charlie Crist in Florida, Rick Perry in Texas and lots of others great politicians and public servants.

The Rush, Cheney, Gingrich debate seems to be part of the process of re-discovering our values and roots….

Top Ten Reasons The Republican Party Will Recover


Republican politicians have failed conservatives, the GOP itself and America. We’re heading down the tracks to socialism or worse, with the GOP as caboose.

Conservatives can share the blame, but not for reasons expressed by the liberal media aligned against us. Sadly, too many conservative leaders either blindly supported former President George W. Bush, Karl Rove and congressional Republicans or were silent as big-government politicians abandoned conservative principles and massively expanded government. Conservatism itself wasn’t the problem.

According to polling conducted by my friend Kellyanne Conway, the word “conservative” remains more popular than “liberal,” “Democrat,” or “Republican.” But if conservatives ever expect to come to political power in America again, it will only be because we, not GOP politicians, provide the primary opposition to President Obama and Pelosi Democrats.

Grass-roots conservatives provided the leadership ideas, work and money for the Reagan and Gingrich revolutions. In previous decades, we didn’t look to Republican politicians for leadership; we provided it.

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From Richard Viguerie
The Washington Times

2 Responses to “Conservatives Need To Recommit to Conservative Values”

  1. AV1 Says:

    Being a conservitive took a large hit when conservitives took the view along with the Republican and Democratic parties that America is a Democracy. With a little resarch you will find America is a Constitutional Republic ; with the politicians are doing their dead level best to make people believe America is a Democracy when it is not nor ever has been.


  2. Ricky Rondo Says:

    Hmm interesting blog. One problem with another grassroots movement anytime soon is that a lot of Americans now think of conservatives as big government spenders. Although true fiscal conservatives and libertarians aren’t, perception is reality in politics. The GOP has a ways to go to change that perception

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