Republican Party Dead? Hardly. Polls Show Erosion and Doubt in Democratic Advantage

Last October, 51% of voters said Democrats had the best plan for the economy.  Today only 44% still think that.

In October, 47% of voters thought the Democrats had the right plan for national security.  Today that vote of confidence in Democrats on national security is only 41%

In fact, the Democratic edge on issues such as health care, education, ethics, taxes and immigration is slipping.

A lot can make the voters change their minds and the tremendous spending of the Obama Administration offers great hope to Democrats.  But the poll numbers for support for all this spending are slipping.

Top Ten Reasons The Republican Party Will Recover

Today, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a Republican, said he would run for the U.S. Senate from Florida.

Crist is a moderate that supported Obama’s stimulus.

“Here in Florida, we’ve shown that when we put people first and work together much can be accomplished, and I intend to bring that same approach to Washington,” Crist said in a statement announcing his bid.

He has maintained approval ratings in the high 60-percent range despite the state’s gloomy economy, budget cuts, a high foreclosure rate and the highest unemployment level since 1975.

Pollsters say Crist’s bipartisan approach has seen him through.

FILE - In this Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009 file photo, Gov. Charlie ...

Gov. Charlie Crist (AP Photo/Phil Coale, file)

Crist will be worth watching and may be a barometer of the future of the Republican Party.

The quietly rusting Democratic advantage

Christ to run for Senate:

“Democratic Party is Bought and Paid For By The Unions” Lawmaker Says

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