“Democratic Party is Bought and Paid For By The Unions” Lawmaker Says

Republican Representative Darrell Issa from California says when California tried to lower its $20 billion deficit, it offered to cut the pay of health care workers.  Union health care workers of the Service Employees International Union or SEIU, Issa said, “ran to Washington to get Obama’s help.”

Image:Seiu logo.png

The Obama government then told California it would not get its stimulus money if the union workers didn’t get all their pay: the stimulus forbids such action against unions, the stimulus law says.

“But who wrote the stimulus?” Issa asks.  “The stimulus was written in the dark of night by the unions in Washington DC,” Issa said, with instructions from Nancy Pelosi and other key Democrat lawmakers.

Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa

Then the Obama rammed the stimulus through Congress to a vote.  No lawmakers admitted to reading the legislation which authorized the stimulus —  the biggest single pay out of federal money in one bill ever.

“At a time when other states are cutting expenses,” Issa said, “California is going in the wrong direction — and pushed there by the White House.”

“Issa also said California was the most unionized state and the state government in Sacramento was “bought and paid for by the unions.”

Issa said the unions see the growth of government in Washington and California as good for the unions.

The federal government is due to grow by tens of thousands of people this year with 20,000 Pentagon contract oversight people and more than 70,000 census takers topping the list.

The government of California is also growing.  Last year, the only major segments of the California economy to grow the were government workforce and health care….

John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

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