Stimulus Not About Jobs, But About Control, Payback, Punishment by Fed Government — California Lawmaker Says

With an economy the size of Britain’s, the State of California is struggling to balance its budget.

But now the federal government has become the enemy.

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that the federal government could not reduce the pay on unionized health care workers in order to trim the state’s budget.  The feds say stimulus money headed for California will be withheld if California insists on the pay cuts.

Fed Tells California: Can’t Cut Pay of Union Jobs To Save Budget; Threatens Loss of Stimulus Money
Representative Brian Bilbray (R-CA) says the federal government is”engaging in Chicago style politics” and “working to reward supporters with favors.”

Among those getting the favors from the fed are union health care workers in California, Bilbray says.

Bilbray said on Fox News this morning that all kinds of California government employees are taking pay cuts and keeping their jobs in order to help keep the state from bankruptcy.

Bilbray said the stimulus from the U.S. government “is about control” and “punishing people” for not following the lead of Washington DC.

The fed is sticking by statements saying California will not get all its stimulus money if it doesn’t restore the union pay cuts….

Wealthy Democrat Supporters Dumbfounded… Realize Obama Will Take Their Money

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