Obama’s Defense Spending Cuts Roil Conservatives

Some conservatives who welcomed President Obama’s decision to keep Robert M. Gates as defense secretary are already having second thoughts.

Decisions in the first 100 days of the new administration regarding future weapons systems have dismayed members of the Air Force fighter community and others who had considered the former CIA chief one of their own.

By Rowan Scarborough
The Washington Times

Obama Silently Caves in To Russia
Baker Springs, a budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation, described Mr. Gates’ first months under Mr. Obama as “not very good” and a reversion to policies that weakened U.S. defenses.

“We see a consistent chipping away at the defense budget at the top line level, and the structure of the defense budget internally favoring personnel and operations accounts over modernization,” Mr. Springs said. “I think he is lining the department up for another procurement holiday when we just came out of one in the 1990s.”

Supporters of Mr. Gates say he is only following administration priorities in moving money – at a time of huge budget constraints and two ongoing wars – from expensive future weapons systems to fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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One Response to “Obama’s Defense Spending Cuts Roil Conservatives”

  1. jonolan Says:

    This is one of the rare times in which I must side with Obama’s people. I believe that our defense budget right now should emphasize personnel and operations accounts over modernization.

    The wars we are currently fighting and the wars we are likely to enter in the next few years under Obama are not the sort that can be won through strategic systems. They have to be won by men and women “on the ground” in the various theaters.

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