Cheney Joins Limbaugh, Excludes Colin Powell From Republican Fold; McCain, Gingrich Favor “Bigger Tent”

Former Vice President Dick Cheney denounced former Secretary of State Colin Powell saying that Powell was no longer a Republican.

Cheney said he’d go with the advice on being a Republican from Rush Limbaugh.

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This should come as no suprise as Dick Cheney had a hand in sending Powell to the United Nations to make the case for the invasion of Iraq on February 5, 2003; then Cheney had a hand in getting Powell out of the Bush Administration a few years later.

Colin Powell

In September 2005, Powell was asked about the speech during an interview with Barbara Walters and responded that it was a “blot” on his record. He went on to say, “It will always be a part of my record. It was painful. It’s painful now.”

We are not sure the Cheney “my way or the highway” view of the Republican party will be helpful.  Cheney and Rush represent a shrinking party if polls are to be believed.

Today on ABC’s “This Week,”  John McCain said the Republicans needed a “bigger tent” and he said he loved and welcomed even his daughter’s pro gay views into the Republican Party.
“We’re in a word game here,” McCain said about critical comments from former Vice President Dick Cheney and others that the party shouldn’t “moderate.”

Asked if Republicans should welcome candidates and voters who support abortion rights or gay marriage, McCain said, “It means that we can have people in our party who do not have the same views on specific issues as long as we share common principles.”

“We have to understand that maybe a candidate that can win in one part of our country, like the South, may not be able to get elected in Pennsylvania,” McCain said.

McCain’s daughter Meghan won headlines for criticizing conservative Republicans for fighting to deny marriage rights to gay couples.

“I don’t agree with my daughter on specific issues,” McCain said on Sunday, “but I do believe there is a place for her in the Republican Party.”

Newt Gingrich made similar noises about a bigger tent on “Fox News Sunday,” with Chris Wallace.

Gingrich recently on Meet the Press


From Fox News

Colin Powell has left the Republican Party, former Vice President Dick Cheney charged Sunday. 

Cheney had tough words for the Bush administration’s former secretary of state when asked about the controversy over Powell’s recent suggestion that the GOP move more to the center. He was asked specifically about conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s call for Powell to join the Democrats. 

“I think my take on it was Colin had already left the party. I didn’t know he was still a Republican,” Cheney said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” 

Asked to clarify, Cheney noted that Powell endorsed Barack Obama, a Democrat, for president shortly before the general election. 

“I assumed that that is some indication of his loyalty and his interest,” Cheney said. 

Limbaugh criticized Powell last week for saying the Republican Party is in trouble and needs to be more moderate, urging Powell to officially switch parties. Powell had also said divisive figures like Limbaugh are hurting the party. 

Asked which spokesman better stands for the GOP, Cheney said he’d go with Limbaugh over Powell. 

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One Response to “Cheney Joins Limbaugh, Excludes Colin Powell From Republican Fold; McCain, Gingrich Favor “Bigger Tent””

  1. norrish hall Says:

    Senator McCain should be very careful.
    The Rush Limbaugh conservatives think he is a RINO and want no part of him.
    They blame his moderate Republican views for sinking the party in the last election
    They would rather eject moderates like McCain and Powell and cleans the Republican party of their evil influence.
    They think that if they can field a candidate with Rush Limbaughs views, the white house and Congress will be theirs for the taking.

    I say, let them have at it. A Taliban Republican Party vs a Democratic middle left Obama Party

    Who do you think would win?

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