States Acting Like Tea Party Goers: Fighting Obama’s Spending, Borrowing Recovery Plan: Want Tax and Spending Cuts; Resisting Stimulus

There seems to be a real standoff in the works between states that can’t spend and borrow more and the president who has staked his reputation and the recovery on the premise that spending and borrowing is the path toward economic recovery…Four or five states is not a revolt but it bears watching…
We reported here yesterday an interesting turn of events in California.  Cash strapped, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pushed ahead with wage cuts for unionized home healthcare workers approved in February by state lawmakers as part of the state budget.

Then the Obama administration threatened to rescind billions in stimulus money if Gov. Schwarzenegger and lawmakers did not restore those wage cuts….

Fed Tells California: Can’t Cut Pay of Union Jobs To Save Budget; Threatens Loss of Stimulus Money

From Hot Air:
In other words, Obama is doing the same thing to California that he is doing to the auto and banking industries. Do what we want, because we gave you money. You took money, therefore we own you. The citizens of California are unimportant. The projects that would be paid for with the $7 billion, also not important. The taxpayers, many yet to be born, that are paying for the stimulus cash, definitely not important. The home health care union workers, who I’m sure would rather take a pay cut than lose their jobs, they’re important.

However, they are important only to a certain extent. The workers belong to SEIU, which is a branch of ACORN. As reported in the L.A. Times….

Read the rest:

Obama Stimulus At Work: Resort Boardwalk Gets Makeover


Now in Minnesota, lawmakers (Democrats who control the Minnesota Legislature) confronted GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty with a $1 billion tax-for-spending trade-off he promised to veto…

Pawlenty did veto the bill this morning, setting the stage for a potential override attempt.

Veto In Minnesota

Georgia Joins Other States Seeking “Sovereignty”

Oklahoma: federal government should “cease and desist” mandates beyond the scope of its powers
Texas Doesn’t Need To Leave the Union, Obama’s State Department Lists the State Among Foreign Nations Already

Obama seems to show an unusual level of favoritism toward unions, ACORN, SEIU…
ACORN Is In The News Again: New Charges of Falsifying Voter Registrations; Quota System, Union Ties

A sheet of one dollar bills. The dollar rose as investors waited ...

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