Obama Promised “Line By Line” Budget Review Turned Into “Nickle and Dime”

Lofty promised “hope” is certainly and quickly turning into opportunities lost.

Obama’s grand plan for a “line by line’ review of the federal budget to remove waste and unnecessary spending turned out to be, in reality, a photo op bragging about recycled budget savings in the nickle and dime range that were politically unable to be achieved.

The Big Bad Wolf got scared off by the Little Pigs in Congress.

He was all so much “huffing” and “puffing.”

Obama’s big moment came and went just after the election last fall.  He had promised a new era of change.  And faced with a gigantic budget and economic crisis he turned that into spending in the name of jobs: not real jobs in reality.

He rang the alarm bell of crisis and demanded an immediate vote on the stimulus — inspead of making a plan on a long range, sustainable jobs program: that would get work done at good wages with benefits and make America more taxpayers.  No: he made more debt.

The plan for the stimulus was left to Nancy Pelosi and her House criney: and they had no time to make a plan.  No lawmaker even admitted to reading the bill.  Now almost $800 billion is gone and what do we have?  A new Boardwalk (planned) for the Delaware beachfront….

Now we are promised health care: and Obama has demanded the money and promised to leave the details to Pelosi and Congress.

And we have the promise to close Gitmo and no plan at all.

And we have released interroagion documents in order to restore our moral compass — but what we have is a lot of unintended consequences.

We have the promise to clean up the environment but no clue the cost — and cap and trade sounds great but may just cost too mush and destroy American manufactring…

This is the presidentcy of little or no planning, lots of unintended consequesnce and the teleprompter.

Now my crisis alarm is going off.  It’s telling me we are in a world of trouble unless we regroup.  And plan.

But ass long as one believes and has hope and gets a check I guess we’ll be fine…..

John Kennedy offered a project: walking on the moon in a decade.  Eisenhower built the freeways.  FDR had the CCC, WPA and other projects.

Obama’s project is spending and debt.

And the planning on that is sadly inadequate: after the teleprompter cued promise there is no real execution, no work, no “shoe leather.”  Just talk.

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Obama’s Molehill on the Budget Mountain

By David S. Broder
The Washington Post

The mountain labored, and brought forth a mouse. Last week the administration confronted the budget of the U.S. government in the “line by line” review long promised by President Obama — and found theoretical savings almost invisible to the naked eye.

The nickel-and-dime exercise, a repeat of equally futile gestures by former president George W. Bush, claimed $17 billion in savings in a $3.4 trillion spending plan — a bit less than one-half of 1 percent.

Judd Gregg, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said, “This amounts to less than an asterisk when it comes to the amount of debt and deficit that we will be running up as a government.”

The Democratic chairman of that committee, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, was a bit more polite, saying that “the effort will help,” but adding that “as important as program terminations and cuts are, we should not lose sight of the far larger threat to our nation’s finances — the combination of the retiring baby-boom generation, rising health-care costs and our outdated and inefficient revenue system.”

Conrad and Gregg have proposed attacking that larger problem by creating a bipartisan commission to examine the big entitlement programs — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — where savings must be found, and the tax systems that support them.

Read the rest:


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