Obama Stimulus At Work: Resort Boardwalk Gets Makeover

A stretch of the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware boardwalk will be modernized as part of the federal stimulus.

Its a federally funded makeover of a cash-rich resort.

Rehoboth Beach is the playground for many from Washington DC seeking the cool Atlantic Ocean air in summer.  Joe Biden is from Delaware.  Other than that; its hard to see how this is a vital infrastructure project for the nation…..

Stimulus Not About Jobs, But About Control, Payback, Punishment by Fed Government — California Lawmaker Says

Commissioner Stan Mills says the project is on schedule.  He also said that without the stimulus funding the local government would have put the project off for “three or four years.”

Most of the work is boardwalk repair but the local government also wants lighting and foot showers.

The cost? $7.5 million of U.S. taxpayers money….

All jobs have to be union jobs….

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File:Rehoboth Avenue EB past First Street.JPG
Blighted ….

File:Rehoboth Beach boardwalk at Wilmington Avenue looking north.JPG


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