Obama White House “Dysfunction”

The report of how Air Force One suddenly appeared over New York City, surprising the White House and terrorizing New yorkers came out today.

The White House admitted to its own “dysfunction.”

Obama Promised “Line By Line” Budget Review Turned Into “Nickle and Dime”
The White House released the report late Friday — a time usually reserved for bad news the White House doesn’t want seen.  The announcement and photo were released late in the afternoon via e-mail, with a short written statement from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

There was no statement about the matter from President Obama, even though he said last month  the incident was an embarrassment, a “mistake” and vowed it would not be repeated.

Just like his omnibus spending bill loaded with earmarks and pork spending which was signed in private: this announcement was not made before cameras but in darkness.

The report concluded that “structural and organizational ambiguity” exists within the White House Military Office, which resulted in “confusion” between the Air Force and the the administration over the photo-op.

More troubling, the report also notes that “there are no clear procedures governing the approval process for the use of PAG aircraft, including Air Force One, for operations other than presidential support.”

The report said the operation was fraught with missed messages.

The president did not know about the flight beforehand — and neither did anyone else in the White House with authority over the office of Louis Caldera, who resigned today.

Caldera was asked why he did not inform his boss.

“When asked why he failed to do so, he did not offer a coherent explanation. He stated that it was not a conscious decision — he did not intend not to notify them,” it said. “Instead, he suggested that it may have been an oversight.”

White House Man Most Responsible For Air Force One Scare of NY Resigns; Investigation Ongoing, Photo Released
Freedom Watch Says Obama’s Promise of Transparency Really Only Partial Promise, Partial Transparency — “Worse Than Bush”



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