Why so many flu deaths in Mexico? Lack of trust in government is a big factor….

Researchers will likely be asking for years why this last flu outbreak resulted in so many deaths in Mexico.

Trust in the government health system is already paramount as one factor.

Ask Mexicans about government health care and they’ll tell you: the service is erratic, undependable and often results in a total loss of trust among the people: especially the poor and weak who are most at risk.

The Obama health care reform is supposed to target ‘the most at risk” for the most improvement in care: but if other nations are any guide the amount of money spent doesn’t always equate to a huge improvement in health among those “most at risk.”

In seeking answers to the flu deaths in mexico, the New York Times sent Marc Lacey and Elisabeth Malkin to find answers.

“At overcrowded public facilities, they complain, they are often turned away, treated by indifferent doctors or made to wait endlessly,” they wrote.

These are the same complaints heard in Canada and Britain — where the government runs health care.

That is my experience with health services in Mexico — and canada and the UK.  There are lots of other reasons too why the health system is not acceptable in Mexico….

Like 30,000 or more schools without running water, a culture that favors home remedies and over the counter or herbal medicines and other factors.

But often the overcrowded state run system and a lack of public trust holds real improvements in health care back in Mexico…..

See Marc Lacey and Elisabeth Malkin from the New York Times:


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